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Project Members:

Sam Bebawi (Project Manager,

Peter Sefton (EResearch Liaison,

Belinda Tiffen (Library Liaison,

Ben Simons (Data Arena Lead,

Cynthia Whitchurch (Microbial Imaging Facility,

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Ines Hessler (

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Data for the UTS Data Arena

University of Technology Sydney

Project Description

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Data Arena is an interactive 3D data visualisation system, projected in 24 million pixels onto a four metre high and ten metre diameter cylindrical screen. It allows researchers to observe interrelationships, patterns, details and anomalies not normally seen in 2D.

UTS data collections visualised in the Data Arena facility are prioritised on merit and are therefore high value data, worth sharing. Before using the Data Arena, UTS researchers will be required to deposit data into the Data Arena Processing and Provenance Repository or DAPPR, along with metadata to enhance the data collections’ discoverability, citeability, and reusability as well as replicability due to provenance metadata. As a matter of policy, deposited data will be open by default.

The data collections for this project will consist of data:

1. that can be presented by the Data Arena

2. that are attractive to business and industry (i.e. publishing of the data collection may attract business and industry partners and lead to future collaboration)

3. that are aligned with the UTS focus areas (the six UTS focus areas are a) Future Services, Industries and Productivity, b) Communication and Intelligent Systems, c) Health Futures, d) Sustainability and the built Environment, e) Creative Industries and Societies, and e) Business Innovation)

4. that connect-up existing initiatives and investments, particularly the Stash metadata store (MS22) and Data Capture (DC18a).

The data selected for Phase 1 is from Microbial Imaging Facility (MIF), due to their strong industry engagement, strategic research links with a number of international universities and laboratories and their commitment to Open Science and data publication. MIF data is used in the Data Arena show-reel.

Data Type:

Imaging Data