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Jason Ensor (Project Manager,

Simon Burrows (Project Lead,

Stephen Hannan (Research Office Liaison,

Michael Gonzalez (Library Liaison,

Helen Bones (Project Officer,

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Ines Hessler (

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Angus & Robertson Collection for Humanities and Education Research (ARCHivER)

Western Sydney University

Collaborator(s): State Library of New South Wales

Project Description

Angus and Robertson Ltd, established in Sydney in 1886, are considered to be one of Australia’s most culturally significant businesses that operated in the twentieth century. The strong influence of Angus and Robertson on Australian society and history is based on their premier position within the twentieth century Australian book trade both as publishers and booksellers of literary and educational texts and as the largest holder of Australian copyrights at that time.

By making substantial parts of the Angus and Robertson boxed archives openly available, the project will contribute to understandings of (1) the cultural and business influence of authors and texts on a national identity, (2) the competition, cooperation and conflict with other Australian publishers, individuals and government bodies during the 20th century, (3) the interdependency of publishing organisations and other key players, (4) a comprehensive history of Angus and Robertson’s complete trade, (5) Australian publishing in education and popular markets, (6) the historical and contemporary links between home and overseas books for Australian publishers, writers and readers, and (7) the links between the international book trade and local transformations in Australian literary and educational publishing.

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Digital Humanities