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Data collections can be seen on:!/group=The University of Queensland/class=collection

Data Management Policy/Procedure:


Manual Entry Forms (usually web-based metadata entry interfaces)

Project Members:

Sarah Brown (Project Manager,

Fei Yu (Project Coordinator,

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Andrew White (

Project Status:


The University of Queensland Publication-Driven Data Sharing Initiative Project

University of Queensland

Project Description

The UQ High Value Collection project was carried out with the ultimate aim of establishing reliable, robust and long-term solutions for preserving publication-related datasets in an institutional repository such as UQ eSpace. The original goal was to collect datasets underpinning 2015 publications published in journals indexed in Nature Index. 17 metadata records were created and published with datasets attached to the records. One data record has led to a further 49 original (raw) image records being created. These raw data are still being used for further important research projects in health and biomedical area. The journals where the publications were published were all high impact journals. They include Nature Cell Biology, Applied Physics Letters, and Advanced Materials.

The impact of ANDS HVC project, however, lies beyond the significance of the collection itself. The updated Guidelines, improved data records process workflows and procedures, tailored training programs and strong UQ research community wide research data management campaign have impacted strongly on changing the traditional view and behaviour regarding research data, preparing researchers to embrace Open Data endeavours. The institutional research data management facility has improved significantly as a result of this project, allowing researchers to seamlessly publish their data in UQ eSpace. As at 5th April 2017, there were 308 metadata records created in UQ eSpace data collection, about 50% (153) have been created since April 2016 when this project started. Among these 153 records, 86 were Open Access where datasets were either directly attached to the records or available at Open Access repositories such as Dryad or Pangaea with links in the UQ eSpace data record. All 308 UQ eSpace data records were successfully harvested by Research Data Australia, which were further ingested into the Clarivate (formerly Thomas Reuters’) Data Citation Index database.