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RMIT University Major Open Data Collection Project

RMIT University

Project Description

This project consolidates existing RMIT data collections, develops Integration processes and quality assessment procedures, to expose significant collections at RMIT to the wider research community.

Collection data is packaged with services and workflows used during creation to allow validation and reuse.

The overall project aim is to expose collection information in a form that can be rapidly searched, found, accessed and utilised by external and internal researchers, and will lead to increased collaboration and a higher research profile for the university. These research “assets” can be used to increase the reputation of RMIT researchers associated with the MNRF facility and within the broader research community.

The project aims to achieve the following objectives;

1. Consolidation of disparate existing collections from MicroNano Research Facility (MNRF) and/or Health Innovation Research Institute (HIRi) precursor labs under an existing data storage and curation architecture; and under a process developed as one of t he outputs of a prior ANDS funded project (MS10) and extended further in RMIT internally funded projects. To date these extensions include no open collections from the MNRF or HIRi, and only a pilot for one instrument in the MNRF from which future data will be harvested.

2. Demonstrate integrated processes and quality assessment procedures for significant collections within this MNRF and/or HIRi facilities, going forward. This will include research data collected during the approximately one year of the this project. Moreover, data curation systems that allow both existing and new live collections to be included as part of the RMIT Vincula system, will be opened up and promoted at an institutional level and linked to external parties such as RDA, PDB etc.

3. Micro- and nanophysics experiments and workflows will be further curated as generic research data themselves (i.e. scripts and descriptions) with a focus on ongoing access, reuse and long -term international and crowd-based collaboration and archiving. For example, scripts for moving experiment data sets from instrument and facility storage to RDSI VicNode storage; workflows around specific instruments or sequences of instruments; scripts to enable NeCTAR cloud-based analytics, or HPC resources such as trifid at VPAC. While such scripts could tentatively be developed as open -source packages and pushed to software repositories such as sourceforge or github, the data sharing underlying agile reuse and collaborationissignificantlylessconsolidatedand integrated,moreopportunisticandevolutionarythan institutional processes or coherent open source communities around a single software platform.

4. Includes archive collections including CircusOZ Collection.

Data Type:

Video, characterisation data