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Cathy Miller (Project Manager,

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University of Adelaide Major Open Data Collections Project

University of Adelaide

Project Description:

Final: Online Ancient Genome Repository
The Major Open Data Collection project at the University of Adelaide, a collaboration between the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA (ACAD) and the University of Adelaide Libraries with eResearch SA, has delivered open access to ancient genomics and microbiome data through the launch of the Online Ancient Genome Repository (OAGR)

OAGR provides ACAD with:
•An explicit data publication workflow.
•A platform to invite international collaborators to contribute data collections for publication.
•A web interface to review metadata and files and provide temporary access links to interested parties such as colleagues and reviewers.
•A publication process to assign a CC-BY license to the collection and mint Digital Object Identifiers(DOIs)so that the published data is a citable part of the scholarly record.
•A means for anyone in the world to reuse and cite the published data. This includes the option to download files for reuse.

Human Evolution Open Data Project

As genomics and microbiome data are becoming routinely generated for ancient samples, it becomes crucial to keep track of raw data, processed data, bioinformatics pipelines and metadata in an organised and searchable fashion.

This project will build a world-first structured database for ancient human DNA, integrating all layers of available genomic and microbiome data and associated metadata in a searchable format. The database will provide open access to datasets derived from ancient human samples studied at the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA (ACAD).

Data Type:

Ancient human DNA sequences