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University of South Australia Major Open Data Collections Project: Free Library on Water

University of South Australia

Collaborator(s): SA Water, Centre for Water Management and Reuse

Project Description

The FLOW (Free Library on Water) project developed a metadata framework for the collection, description and cataloguing of water data. In parallel, the project developed software which applies the metadata framework and collects water data. Whilst the project focused on water quality data the metadata framework did not preclude extension in the future to include other forms of water data. The FLOW project brought together a diverse group of researchers and information services professionals, including SA Water and the Centre for Water Management and Reuse.

The availability of water data enables future research and investigative projects concerning all aspects of water. It provides valuable background data on trends and provide a reference point for a range of studies to be carried out by the community, government, industry and high level research projects performed in research institutions both nationally and internationally.

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Water data