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Open Access to Marine Data - University of Tasmania Major Open Data Collection

University of Tasmania

Project Description

"The project will use sophisticated existing data management infrastructure (the Australian Ocean Data Network, or AODN) to install and populate three data portals for IMAS data, Reef Life Survey data, and worldwide data from research on temperate reefs, with an initial contribution from the global Kelp Ecology Ecosystem Network (KEEN). Data from each of these significant collections will be connected and portrayed using some simple and useful Web Map Services."

The outcomes of the project will be:

·Greater understanding of marine systems achieved through availability and interoperability of systems enabling amalgamation of complementary datasets (primarily IMAS, TemperateReefBase and RLS data with other datasets being added through future portal access and use).
·Establishing robust infrastructure and systems at the University of Tasmania, using the latest data sharing and visualisation technology, as a leading example of contemporary data management, sharing, visualisation and interoperability.
·Increased discoverability, visualisation and re-use of IMAS, TemperateReefBase and RLS data assets.
·Increased number of IMAS and other data assets collected and described using standards based metadata, stored and made discoverable through local and downstream providers.
·Increased visibility and discoverability of IMAS and University of Tasmania researchers, their projects and data.
·Proof of concept for deploying the full AODN platform at an institutional level, providing a formula for other institutions to deploy the same, open source, platform.

Data Type:

Marine, geospatial data