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Integration metadata from various systems which are internal to an institution

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Dr Harvey Millar (Director, Plant Energy Biology, ARC Centre Of Excellence,

Dr Cornelia Hooper (Project Manager, Research Fellow, Plant Energy Biology, ARC Centre Of Excellence,

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Angeletta Leggio (

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In Progress

The University of Western Australia Major Open Data Collection Project

University of Western Australia

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Due to the tight relationship between subcellular compartments and protein function, proteome-wide protein localization is an important goal in cell biology for plants and crops. For one model plant, Arabidopsis, a wealth of computational and experimental data exists that has been used to create global protein localisation data, and protein relationships within the SUBA database that has been built and maintained at UWA. Increasing demands for large-scale location and relation data for systems biology in both model plants and agricultural plant species indicate that expansion of data capture, integration and reuse for localisation analysis is now required. This project aims to build a novel protein localisation database environment and web interface for plant and crop scientists. The data portal will allow users to access captured genomic, proteomic, biochemical data as well as newly generated global localisation data, localisation interpretation and relation data across 5 crucial agricultural crops in addition to Arabidopsis. The data access and visualisation will significantly increase the use and reuse of these data across an international audience of plant and crop scientists and systems biologists.