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Digital Mineral Library - Curtin Major Open Data Project

Curtin University

Project Description

The John de Laeter Centre for Isotope Research (JDLC), headquartered at Curtin University, is a Perth-based multi-institutional research infrastructure centre providing the academic, resources and environmental research sector with advanced analytical facilities and expertise. During 2014, the Centre will commission a number of new instruments generating data relating to digital mineralogy and materials characterisation for pure and applied research. The new mineral analyser TESCAN TIMA instrument will be used on up to 2,000 samples from the Geological Survey of Western Australia (GSWA), characterising the mineralogy of the samples into searchable digital mineralogical and geochemical datasets.This ANDS project will create an appropriate metadata schema for these datasets, capture and enhance the metadata for a 150 sample subset of the collection under that schema and make that metadata available to Research Data Australia and the AuScope portal to facilitate discovery and access to the datasets by the international research community.

Thanks to: Steering Committee

Peter Green (Project Manager and Associate Director, Curtin University Library,

Florian Goessmann (Associate Director, Curtin Information Technology Services,

Brent McInnes (Director, John de Laeter Centre,

Paul Nicholls (Director, Strategic Projects, Office of Research and Development,

Andrew Rodger (Project Leader: Software for Exploration, CSIRO,

Thanks to: Project Committee

Matthias Liffers (Project Leader and Coordinator, Research Services, Curtin University Library,

Adam Brown (Software Engineer, John de Laeter Centre,

Elizabeth Manassah (Data Librarian, Curtin University Library,

Colin Meikle (Data Librarian, Curtin University Library,

Salim Twalib (Business Analyst, Curtin Information Technology Services,

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