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Research Data Registry

University of Melbourne

Project Description:

The aim of the overall program is to leverage existing work and experience to develop a ?turn key? Research Data Registry solution for Australian research institutes that both satisfies institutional requirements for registering the location of research data, but also maximizes the value of this registry by:

Providing a systematic systems based method to audit compliance with research data management requirements
Profiling research data sets via a research data portal
Acting as a harvest point for local institution-based research data repositories
Acting as a harvest point for national data registries (such as the ANDS Data Commons)
Providing a staging area for other national and international discipline-based repositories

Phase 1 of the program aims to establish the infrastructure required to create an Institutional Research Data Registry, by creating a reusable solution for developing an institutional harvest point for the ANDS data commons on the VITRO platform.

High Level Software Functionality: