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Manual Entry Forms (usually web-based metadata entry interfaces)

Integration metadata from various systems which are internal to an institution

Integration collection records

party records and activity records which may be external to an institution

Metadata Store Solutions

Data Access Control

Project Members:

Toby Burrows (Project Contact,

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Mathew Wyatt (

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UWA Institutional Metadata Repository

University of Western Australia

Project Description:

The Metadata Stores activity has contributed to the development of UWA’s overall research data infrastructure by playing its part in ensuring that data management, via the MS17 project, is possible, via the provision of infrastructure to enable researchers to meet the requirements laid down by funding bodies and UWA.

The MS17 metadata store project accommodated the needs of three different research groups:

• UWA Centre for Rock Art
• UWA Oceans Institute
• UWA Centre for Microscopy and Characterisation Analysis

High Level Software Functionality:

MS17 is the only ANDS Data Capture project which integrates VIVO and DSpace, two major Open Source tools, into a single generic workflow covering the following elements:

• Enabling research groups to upload datasets to a generic data repository, accompanied by the creation of appropriate metadata (using DSpace and iDrop);
• Feeding dataset descriptions into a university-wide research profiles system (using VIVO) and combining these with contextual metadata;
• Uploading dataset descriptions, with contextual metadata, to ANDS RDA from VIVO.