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Integration metadata from various systems which are internal to an institution

Metadata Store Solutions

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Greg Leslie (Project Manager,

Maude Frances (UNSW Primary Contact,

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Alan Glixman (

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UNSW Metadata Stores Project

University of New South Wales

Project Description:

The Metadata Stores project developed a number of services, applications and resources to support research data management at UNSW. Key outcomes are:

• An institutional Metadata Store – ResData – was developed to aggregate UNSW research data collections. The store links descriptions of research datasets to information about researchers and grants.
• ResData is integrated with UNSW enterprise systems.
• ResData enables UNSW researchers to record and manage descriptions of research data via a simple web form. Records are displayed in ResData, and appear in Research Data Australia.
• New records are drawn from the faculties of Medicine, Science and FASS at UNSW.
• Standard identifiers uniquely identify dataset, researcher and grant records. Digital Object Identifiers can also be assigned to dataset records.

High Level Software Functionality:

An institutional metadata repository – ResData – that provides a set of standardised, user-friendly web forms for describing, managing and publishing UNSW research data.

The development of ResData combines Fedora Commons repository software with an open source name authority and vocabulary system, Mint, which is used to integrate data from UNSW enterprise systems for people and research grants