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ReDBox/Mint : php, java; Mintegration : Java


Integration metadata from various systems which are internal to an institution

Metadata Store Solutions

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UTS Metadata Stores Project

University of Technology Sydney

Project Description

Final: The UTS Metadata Store (MS) project has inaugurated a period of more efficient research by managing research data as an asset. The MS provides a means for UTS researchers and UTS as an institution to meet the obligations of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research. UTS researchers can maintain an accessible catalogue of their research data, privately or publically according to confidentiality and privacy requirements. The MS also provides a mechanism by which researchers can share their data for reuse by other researchers via Research Data Australia, encouraging collaboration. UTS can more readily manage, locate and curate researcher’s datasets, even after researchers leave the institution.

The MS22 project has enabled discovery and reuse by external researchers via Research Data Australia, and via publically accessible data repository landing pages. Ultimately UTS aims to link datasets to publications in the UTSePress institutional repository.

Thus the MS22 project has been invaluable in helping to raise the profile of research data management, ensuring that support has been forthcoming for the policy and infrastructure to support Research Data Management.

Initial: The aim of this project is to establish for UTS a University-wide metadata store that will be integrated with existing enterprise research information systems and which will enable the University to administer and plan research data storage and other infrastructure. The metadata store will be used to make research data available for re-use both within the University and to the wider community via metadata harvest and discovery services such as Research Data Australia, and to ensure that access takes place in accordance with ethics approvals and licencing restrictions.

The project will be deploying the ReDBox solution.

High Level Software Functionality:

ReDBox, Mint