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Enterprise Research Data Catalogue

University of Western Sydney

Collaborator(s): University of Newcastle

Project Description

The metadata stores project will contribute to the RDR project by implementing the research data catalogue (metadata store) in the institutional context, establishing data sources for parties and activities from research and library systems, and providing an expanded platform for describing collections.

This will be built into an integrated system for recording catalogue-descriptions of research data collections with a view to it becoming the institutional research data catalogue for the university. There is opportunity for it to be collaboratively built to fulfil a broader set of institutional requirements than just those of the University of Western Sydney’s.

The University has chosen the ReDBox application as the research data catalogue to fulfil functional requirements under project SC20.

This Metadata Stores project will explore how it can be expanded to be the basis of the University’s institutional research data catalogue, and seek alternative and additional software solutions if necessary.

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