Project Members:

Steve McEachern (Project Manager, )

ANDS Contact:

Ross Wilkinson (

Project Status:


ASSDA Services for E-Social Science (ASeSS)

Australian Social Science Data Archive

Project Description:

The ASeSS project aims to provide to the Australian Social Science Data Archive (ASSDA) community, for the first time, a simplified, unified, national access to ASSDA datasets from a variety of sources and in a wide variety of data formats, e.g. unit record, data cubes, electoral, historical. ASeSS also provides a standardized platform for topic and theme-specific ASSDA sub-archives to be created in, for example, historical documents, indigenous data, and qualitative data.

* ADAPT web-based curation tool – in production use by ASSDA archivists.

* ASSDA data foundation services – these are the basis for the new Australian Data Archive (ADA) service which has replaced the previous ASSDA repository and portal.

* Integrated environment for ASSDA workflows – all data processing workflows have been integrated into a single environment based on Nesstar.

* ATSIDA (indigenous data), AQuA (qualitative data), AEA (electoral data), URA (unit record data) portals and a framework for more easily developing new sub-archives

* GIS services for spatial data, with scripts for data ingest from ABS and AEC.

* The deliverable to support DDI3 has had to be dropped since third-party Nesstar software will not support it before the end of the project.

* Replacement of legacy desktop workflow tools with web-based versions will streamline and support future data collection and curation activities across all ASSDA archives.

* Improved foundational services underpinning the ADA repository and portal provide improved and faster interface, search and access to social science data sets and easier development of sub-archives for different topics.

* ASSDA tools and services now based on a modern, scalable data and services cloud hosted at ANUSF.

* Access for ASSDA researchers to modern tools for GIS and InfoViz visualization of ASSDA datasets.