Project Members:

Peter Turner (Project Manager, )

ANDS Contact:

Andrew Treloar (

Project Status:


A Data Fabric for Character isation – Micr oscopy, Imaging, Neutron and X-ray Facil ities

Australian Synchrotron

Collaborator(s): ANSTO, AMMRF

Project Description:

Provide data access and management services for the NCRIS 5.3 Characterisation community, i.e. the users and operators of high-end microscopy and imaging, neutron source, synchrotron and X-ray facilities. The essence of DataMINX is to capture scientific instrument data and the associated metadata, deliver it to appropriate repositories in standard formats, and make it easily discoverable and accessible by researchers. The services developed are expected to build on existing work in the UK on a scientific metadata model and information catalog (ICAT) and a data transfer service for the Australian Synchrotron (the VBL Gateway Service) developed by VeRSI.

* Comprehensive ICAT system review, and review of alternative metadata repositories and portals.

* Initial pilot ICAT deployments at OPAL and University of Sydney.

* Interface of TARDIS crystallography data portal to ICAT repository.

* Initiation of pilot metadata ingest processes from data file content and local databases initiated at OPAL, USyd AMMRF node and USyd crystallography.

* Agreement for VeRSI Gateway service to be installed at OPAL, and USyd and UWA nodes of AMMRF.

* Development of prototype Data Transfer Service to extend capabilities provided by VeRSI Gateway data transfer service. Use of Open Grid Forum standards (GFD 134 and 135) and liaison with OGF representatives including standards extensions.

* Collaborative linkages established with the UK STFC (eScience, National Grid Service, ISIS neutron source and Diamond synchrotron), Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute (OMII-UK) and UKOLN (repository and preservation expertise).

* Gained knowledge and experience with ICAT and metadata ingest ahead of proposed deployments for AMMRF and Australian Synchrotron Facility.

* Joint software and standards development with STFC, OMII, UKOLN.