Project Members:

Peter Doherty (Data Source Administrator,

ANDS Contact:

Julia Martin (

Project Status:


DIAS-B: Data Integration and Annotation Service in Biodiversity NeAT Project

Atlas of Living Australia, CSIRO, University of Queensland

Project Description:

To develop an operational metadata repository for biodiversity data resources, including registration, discovery and annotation services. The use of community annotation services is aimed at improving description and quality control for biodiversity data resources. This project will provide core services required by the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) NCRIS capability to support management and discovery of biodiversity data resources.

Data Integration (DI) component:

* Feasibility study and performance analysis of alternative technology options for the ALA metadata repository.

* Data harvesting tools developed for an extended range of information sources.

* ALA metadata repository and metadata and data harvesting and integration and integration with ALA web portal (note that much of this work was migrated to the ALA development team as a core ALA activity)

* Extended functionality, better performance, and greater maturity of the repository components. Annotation and Authentication Services component:

* Danno/Dannotate annotation tools available from SourceForge. Examples and videos demonstrating use available from Dannotate web site.

* ALA portal uses Danno annotation server but based on older version of Dannote client annotation tool. Integration of current version of Dannotate into ALA portal and other ALA tools is still to be done and is expected to be completed later this year.

* Authentication tools (Emmet) available from SourceForge, however ALA has
decided to adopt an alternative open source tool (CAS).

* DI component underpins the biodiversity data repository used by ALA.

* Annotation service provides ALA portal with functionality for users to annotate and raise issues with information provided by ALA.

* The Danno annotation service was also used to implement the annotation client used in the LORE tool developed in the Aus-e-Lit NeAT project.

High Level Software Functionality:

Features: ;