Project Members:

Gavin Kennedy (Project Manager, )

ANDS Contact:

Andrew Treloar (

Project Status:


Phenomics Ontology Driven Data Management

Australian Plant Phenomics Facility

Collaborator(s): Australian Phenomics Network, CSIRO, Australian National University, University of Queensland, University of Adelaide, Monash University

Project Description:

The Integrated Biological Sciences component of NCRIS contains two major Phenomics initiatives: the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility and the Australian Phenomics Network. These facilities have common requirements to gather and annotate data from both high and low throughput phenotyping devices. The PODD project will deliver a data management service that can handle multiple phenotyping platforms and data formats (text, image, video). The project will also provide the
ability to manage a repository of associated metadata based on standard ontologies. A range of tools and other features will be developed to provide Web-based discovery interfaces for users, external repositories, and services and support for the automatic capture and annotation of data and metadata from instrumentation, when
possible. The project also will enable the facilities to publish data or make it publicly available after a pre-determined period.

* PODD repository and software. While this project is focused on phenomics data, PODD can be used for any type of data if an appropriate ontology has been defined.

* Base ontology for phenomics defined, with extensions for plant and mouse phenomics data.

* Deployment for the High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre (HRPPC) at

* Deployment for the Australian Phenomics Network (APN) at ANU.

* System for exporting data from The Plant Accelerator (TPA) repository into the PODD plant phenomics repository.

* Repository for many different types of experimental data used in phenomics research, with associated contextual metadata.

* Researchers can discover and access relevant phenomics data sets.

* System can support arbitrary ontologies so could be reused for other
discipline areas.