Project Members:

Dr. Rob Woodcock (Project Manager, )

ANDS Contact:

Andrew Treloar (

Project Status:


Spatial Information Services Stack

Integrated Marine Observing System

Collaborator(s): University of Tasmania, Tasmanian Partnership for Advanced Computing, CSIRO, Bureau of Meteorology

Project Description:

Develop some of the component services and functional capabilities needed to realise a spatial information data commons within Australia, leveraging Open Geospatial Consortium and ISO standards, and to work with the providers and consumers of data to assist them in adopting the common spatial data access and exchange mechanisms supported by the Spatial Information Services Stack (SISS).

* SISS software stack - All the components are functionally complete for the project requirements and the first release of a packaged SISS and associated documentation has been made available.

* SISS deployments at several organisations including most of the state geological surveys, Geoscience Australia, AuScope, CSIRO, WA Geothermal Centre of Excellence, WA Centre of Excellence for 3D Mineral Mapping.

* Various portal implementations are now consuming SISS service instances, including the AuScope Discovery Portal, which uses all components to source data from multiple government organisations and research groups who have deployed the stack

* Other portals utilising SISS in either production or development environments include: Virtual Rock Laboratory (UQ), Geodesy Workflow, CSIRO MDU Earth Model Portal, the Bureau of Meteorology, and CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research.

* Various research groups have also deployed parts of SISS in support of managing and providing interoperable web access to their data, including WA Geothermal Centre of Excellence, WA Centre of Excellence for 3D Mineral Mapping, AuScope Earth Imaging (ANU Research School of Earth Sciences & Geoscience Australia), CSIRO node of AuScope National Virtual Core Library.

* Standard approach and software stack available for making spatial data available online.

* Many geospatial data sets from many organisations now available online from via OGC standard web interfaces, with data discoverable using metadata standards.

* AuScope Portal utilizing the SISS provides access to geoscience information holdings at multiple organizations.