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Triathlon in Australia Open Data Set

Bond University

Project Description

The Triathlon in Australia Open Data Set is a major historic archive of triathlon data collected since the early 1980s by historian academic Dr Jane Hunt from the Bond University Faculty of Society and Design.

This major data set consists of the primary material used by Dr Hunt for her ground breaking book Multisport dreaming: The foundations of triathlon in Australia published in June 2014. This collection records and analyses the evolution of the sport of triathlon in Australia from a grueling novelty to a government funded Olympic sport with a broad participatory base and entrenched niche lifestyles. When Hunt began research for this history, there was no institutional archive, no central collection of magazines or race results, and no record of the colourful triathlon folklore that is perpetuated through tall stories told on training rides, and at post race banquets. It is a large scale collection of of digitised photographs, race booklets, administrative records, triathlon magazines and over two hundred oral histories currently housed at Bond University which tells the story of the sport’s first thirty years in Australia.

The collection is constantly being added to and should take on a special significance in the lead up to the 2018 Commonwealth Games which will be held on the Gold Coast.

Data Type:

documents, digitised images, audio interview files, video files, surveys.