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FileMaker Pro

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Matthew Perry (

Rodney Harrison (

ANDS Contact:

Alan Glixman (

Project Status:


Identifying and locating UOW data sets to seed the Australian Research Data Commons and the development of a supporting research data management policy.

University of Wollongong

Collaborator(s): Intersect

Project Description

This project formed an important component of the “DataWise” strategic project. The key achievements and outcomes this Seeding the Commons project produced are:
• 35 collections loaded to RDA from UOW. These were identified from Australian Competitive Grants from 2005–¬2010. There are 404 successful ACGs which contained potential data collections.
• Temporary infrastructure of project registration, metadata collection and data storage have been established.
• To ensure the continuation of the benefits from the ANDS Seeding the Commons Project, a Data Management framework has been developed at UOW.
• Draft Data Management Guidelines have been prepared.
• Policy document written: “Persistent Identifiers for UOW objects used to populate Research Data Australia” This cover keys and object ID’s