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Grant Sayer (Project Manager,

Dianne Hillier (Project Manager,

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Macquarie University Seeding the Commons

Macquarie University

Project Description:

The project sought to address the need for data management policy and procedures; to provide researchers with a "tool-kit" for data management planning; to develop a deeper understanding of the kinds of data produced by the University's researchers; and to establish and document the process for producing rich metadata records about research data collections for Research Data Australia. Together with the ANDS Metadata Stores project, MS19, the Seeding the Commons project has spread awareness of data management issues, drawn together and built expertise among a team of motivated individuals, and left a legacy of useful artefacts that will help researchers plan for their future data use.

A notable element of the approach taken was the collaboration between many parts of the University fostered in the project. This helped ensure that the solutions adopted wouldn't miss their mark. It also established a team that was motivated to continue the roll out of data management practices after the life of the project.

So far, the gains from the project having included about thirty collections and associated party records being contributed to Research Data Australia. Perhaps more significantly, there is now a well-defined process for producing metadata descriptions of research data collections and there are people skilled in record creation. Additionally researchers now have access to resources to guide them in data management best practice and to helpful planning templates.

An RDM toolkit is available containing: A data management planning template; set of data management procedures; research data collection interview template; and guidelines are available concerning data citation, finding data, planning for data, obtaining storage and more.

The project has identified collections in the Faculty Business & Economics, Arts, Human Sciences and Science and completed a review into the means of expanding the learning and processes implemented in the project to supporting data management across the whole of Macquarie University.