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Data collections can be seen on:!/group=Victoria%20University/tab=collection

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Programming language(s):

Wordpress, mySQL, Formidable, xslt

Software categories:

Manual Entry Forms (usually web-based metadata entry interfaces)

Integration metadata from various systems which are internal to an institution

Project Members:

Neale Yates,Lyle Winton (Project Manager,,

Terri Dentry (Project Manager,

Liping Wang (Data Source Administrator,

Lyle Winton (Data Source Administrator,

ANDS Contact:

Richard Ferrers (

Project Status:


Research data framework

Victoria University

Collaborator(s): Versi

Project Description:

Final: "The Victoria University (VU) Research Data Framework project aimed to establish an institutional framework for research data storage, metadata capture, policy and education. The project was led by the VU Office for Research, in partnership with the VU Library who provided information management support, and in collaboration with VeRSI (the Victorian eResearch Strategic Initiative) who provided technical support. The project relied on contributions from the VU Special Collections, VU Archive and a number of research groups and projects.

Information about the local VU service can be found on VU’s eResearch Services website including contacts details. The project outcomes, including operational and technical information on the metadata interface can be found on the GitHub VUANDS100 site. The VU RDA site (metadata interface) has been deployed on the NeCTAR cloud and is publicly accessible.

Initial: "The project aim is to establish and trial a framework for storage of research data. Specific objectives will include:
- Capture at least 50% of research data associated with publicly funded research and published material (2003 andndash; 2010) and make metadata available to ARDC
- Develop on-going processes to capture research data including associated metadata available to ARDC
- Develop an informed policy framework and institutional research data management plan
- Educate research staff and students by informed research data management

The project will deploy an Institutional Metadata Repository (based on Vitro RDF metadata store software andndash; with support for RIF-CS metadata feeds, including plugins and configurations to support data feeders from systems at VU (eg. Research master and ePrints) and metadata capture interfaces developed by and with ANDS-Vitro partners."

High Level Software Functionality:

Features: collection of research data collections and export to RIF-CS (through Wordpress form, mySQL database, xslt transform);
Live system at: (Nectar Cloud)