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Project Members:

Matthew Bellgard (Data Source Administrator,

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Mathew Wyatt (

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Integrated Precision Agriculture

Murdoch University

Project Description:

The main project outcomes were:

• A curated data source of integrated Western Australian agricultural data stored, with an OAI-PMH feed to the ARCD.

• Appropriate mechanisms for the ongoing curation and capture on the ARDC resource.

• A website for wheat growers, and researchers at Murdoch, that will provide high speed access to datasets and analytical capabilities.

The benefits of this project are:

• The availability of well-managed and curated datasets through the ARDC significantly increase the research level and rate of scientific discovery in the area of environmental change interacting with genotypes of agricultural products. In addition the ARDC increases the quality of the interaction between researchers, government and industry in Western Australia. Within Murdoch University, this will achieve greater flexibility in the options for research planning in the area of food production under the altered conditions that are emerging.

• At a national strategic level the agricultural production of food in a fragile Australian environment is now recognized as a key consideration. As outlined above, the availability of well-managed/curated datasets will enhance research collaboration and sharing of national data.

Data Type:

Geospatial data, federal and Western Australia databases for vegetation, water, wind, soil moisture and temperature; Satellite information; grower data on yield maps, crop temperature and rainfull; Grower data on soil structure.