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Manual Entry Forms (usually web-based metadata entry interfaces)

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USQ Seeding the Commons: Creation of a Research Data Management Framework for USQ

University of Southern Queensland

Project Description:

Final: In the USQ context this project was important to provide a foundation for the implementation of integrated research data management processes across the university’s divisions. This project has also facilitated the groundwork for research data governance and compliance with the Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research.

The first objective of this project was to put in place sustainable policies and procedures for compliance with research guidelines and external funding agency requirements. The second objective was to evaluate how USQ might manage automatic uploads to Research Data Australia. The first objective has been met and the second objective of automatic uploads to Research Data Australia is not in a sustainable form as yet.

The project has also highlighted researchers' concerns with the management of research data; the majority of these concerns were centred on storage of the research data. Other researcher concerns included questions around the use of Creative Commons licences and the management of photographic images. From the researchers there was an overall lack of awareness of the need for structured management of research data.

The major result so far from this project at USQ is an interest and increasing awareness in research project planning and data organisation. Each presentation in this area has led to a request for a further presentation to research and postgraduate groups. However, this is the short-term result. In the longer term, USQ has now gained a framework for the governance of research data. It is acknowledged that this governance framework will need to be amended as research data management becomes more mature at USQ. Twenty data collections of varying significance have been made available for sharing on Research Data Australia.

Initial: This project is to establish sustainable policy and procedures for capturing research data at the university in order to comply with obligations under The Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research and obligations to funding bodies; to serve the broad interests of the university and its researchers; and to establish processes for exposing research metadata to Research Data Australia, as part of the Data Commons.
The project has two streams:
To conduct a pilot audit of research data in the university by examining the data of a diverse set of three disciplines ; and to create draft project, policy and process documents to form the basis of a management framework for research data; and
To evaluate technical and functional means of metadata ingest storage and sharing to the ANDS Research Data Australia resulting in upload of pilot data.

High Level Software Functionality:

The mechanism for an automated feed to Research Data Australia is still currently at a proof of concept stage and is in need of further development. As currently the need for uploading records into Research Data Australia is small it was decided to build a small base level system that could form the kernel of a new system. Currently we have three php forms for Data Collections, Party and Activity records. Please note the Service form will be developed on a needs basis. These forms will accept the record input and then output a RIF-CS compliant file. These records are harvested by pointing the RDA harvester at individual records as a base stage. This development will continue as USQ proceeds with research data management implementation discovery.