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ARK (AcuResearchKnowledge)

Australian Catholic University

Project Description

The project approach was centered on people and aimed at:

⋅ making the ACU community aware of current RDM practices;
⋅ clarify RDM role and responsibilities by drafting a clear and concise RDM;
⋅ allow a conversations to take place among all parties involved about the value of research data, how best to manage it and the issues (perceived and real) in regard to storing and sharing it - and in the process being able to identify the data collection descriptions needed to fulfill the project’s deliverables;
⋅ allow a safe environment for all parties involved to consider the issues around identifying and collecting research data descriptions - we achieved this by asking researchers to volunteer data collections, rather than mandating the description of a particular data set;
⋅ stimulating and supporting further understanding of RDM by producing a comprehensive toolkit

The success of this approach is evident in the:
⋅ continuing engagement of researchers and Liaison Librarians who are conducting interviews beyond the project’s closing date;
⋅ understanding gained around the considerations that make researchers hesitant about offering unmediated access to research data – mostly considerations about definition of appropriate data collections and issue of ethics and consent.

Gains from data management processes implemented so far
ACU recognises that further training needs to be delivered and conversations need to be conducted around the topic of Ethics and Data Management. The outcome of which should be increased confidence on the part of researchers to share deidentified data.

Number of research collections made available
More than 50 data collections have been made available for sharing. Virtually all the collections are available under mediated access. ACU Researchers are interested in sharing the data however they feel the need to better understand all ethical implications before committing to making existing data available via unmediated access.

Current access restrictions to shared data
Currently all the collections contributed to RDA are offered under mediated access. Based on the feedback received from researchers it emerged that a review of the terms of consent agreements and data disposal requirements need to be carried out before they will feel comfortable about making data available via unmediated access.