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Project Members:

Sandra Jeffries (Project Sponsor,

Beth Crawter (Project Manager,

Rebecca Owen (Metadata Specialist,

ANDS Contact:

Kathryn Unsworth (

Project Status:


USC Seeding the Commons

University of the Sunshine Coast

Project Description:

The project has provided a framework for the management of USC’s research data, with the production of a draft Research Data Management Policy and plans, guidelines, tools, training and other resources to guide and support the University’s research endeavours. The project established the processes and skill sets needed for USC to provide descriptions of quality data collections to RDA on an ongoing basis. In anticipation of the next stage, the project will also define recommended storage locations for USC’s research data.

Data management problems/issues addressed by the project:

IT Services are implementing a large, centralised research data store which will subsume the FOSHEE data store. This should mitigate some of the issues of data on individuals’ computers or laptops, which will in turn comply with some of the confidentiality and privacy requirements of funders and partners.

Procedures and guidelines will be developed to enable the technician managing the data store to make appropriate judgements about what data will be retained, size of data etc. It is envisaged that data deposited on the central store will have metadata descriptors with various links from Research Master and the USC Research Bank through to the research data store. A lifecycle management system will be developed to ensure data on the store is “current” and archived data is held elsewhere.

A data management planning process is being fine-tuned so that all research undertaken at USC is captured either in Research Master or through the repository. The data management planning will document data and intellectual property ownership from the time the research is proposed until completion.

IT Services has nominated a named point of contact for questions about research issues, whether equipment, storage or compute. The Repository Coordinator, Information and Research Services Coordinator and faculty librarians can provide support and direction on research data management issues. Online help resources will be refined. Communication between all support areas involved in the research data lifecycle has been improved by the ANDS project, and are integrated in the research data management workflow.

The project identified that even within USC researchers had no opportunity to share their research interests or their data and the procedures being developed for data management will help address this.

Training for both active researchers and the staff who support them will be ongoing. New HDR (higher degree by research) students will be targeted, as will students engaging in 3rd year honours projects.

Documents, information, guides and policies produced:
o Research – Academic Policy
o Research Data Management Libguide
o Research Data Management webpage
o 4 posters –
* Recycle your research data
* Research data management – don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you got ‘til it’s gone
* We can still access their research data…..
* Are you a new researcher?
o Training session powerpoint
o Training powerpoint for faculty librarians
o One page handout: Data planning for beginners
o Research Data Management Plan (form)
o Metadata Form for Researchers (when submitting data)
o Library Curatorial Role for Data (form)
o Agreement to submit metadata for RDA (form)
o Storage locations for data at USC (under revision)
o Survey on data needs of academic staff (in planning)