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Integration collection records, party records and activity records which may be external to an institution

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Bond University Seeding the Commons

Bond University

Project Description

This project had the following key aims:

• To identify research data collections at the Bond University, and manually upload twelve data collections into Research Data Australia;

• To develop comprehensive university wide data management procedures and policy relevant to Bond University;

• Development of a suite of tools designed to assist researchers manage and access data into the future.

Bond University recognizes that research data is a critical and growing asset. The University also acknowledges a shift towards more data-intensive research where effective use of digital information will be critical to the success of many research projects. By providing a mechanism for the discovery of these assets, the emergence of entirely new fields of research will be facilitated.

The Project has provided for the establishment of a Research Data Management Policy, Guidelines and Procedures at Bond University. The implementation of data management methods and provision of data management tools will assist researchers to describe, store, share and re-use data. The issues of ethical requirements, copyright and intellectual property, grant and funding conditions, and sharing rights have been considered.

The Seeding the Commons Project Team was located within Bond University Library Services. The Project was funded by the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy Program with in-kind support from the Bond University Library. The Project began in July 2012 and was completed in March 2013. The Project team consisted of a Project Manager, Research Data Officer, the Scholarly Publications officer and the Digital Repository Officer. Whilst the majority of the project work was undertaken by Library staff, there was significant support and input from the Bond University Office of Research especially in regard to the university wide survey and review of the submitted policy.

The Project team, assisted by the Office of Research, identified a number of researchers with possible data collections. The Research Data Officer and Project Manager gathered information from the researchers about their data collections through interviews. At the same time, research staff and higher degree students were asked to complete an online Research Data Management survey. The resulting information obtained through interviews was used to create collection-level metadata records for the research data collections. Fifteen (15) collection level records were published in Research Data Australia. A Bond University Contributor Page was also published, linking together the collection and party records and highlighting the research undertaken at Bond.

In conjunction with the Office of Research, the Research Code of Conduct Policy, was updated to include sections on research data management. This Policy has been approved by the VC after having been passed by the Research Committee and the Policy Sub-Committee.