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Welcome to ANDS Project Registry Site ...

This site lists projects funded by a range of ANDS programs; and institutions and people who are involved in the ANDS funded projects.

About ANDS

ANDS is the Australian National Data Service and we are helping to build the "Australian Research Data Commons" a cohesive collection of research data resources from all Australian research institutions, to make better use of Australia's research data outputs.

We are funded by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education (DIISRTE) and have been in turn funding various projects with Australian Universities and CSIRO partners to improve research data management policy and practice.

ANDS Programs

Seeding the Commons (NCRIS)

The aims of this program are to improve the fabric for data management in a way that will increase the amount of content in the data commons; and to improve the state of data capture and management across the research sector with a focus on the tertiary education sector, CSIRO and the NCRIS Capabilities.

Data Capture (EIF)

The Data Capture program aims to simplify the process of researchers routinely capturing data and rich metadata as close as possible to the point of creation, and depositing these data and metadata into well-managed stores. Metadata will need to be held at both collection and object level in order to support re-use.

Metadata Stores (EIF)

The Metadata Stores program aims to assist institutions and disciplines to better manage the collection and object level metadata associated with research data outputs and associated entities.

ARDC Applications (EIF)

The Applications program aims to develop a range of compelling demonstrations of the overall value of the ARDC by bringing together a range of data sources combined with new integration and synthesis tools to enable new research or generate new policy outcomes.

Public Sector Data (EIF)

Public sector data aims to make data and associated metadata available from government departments.