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Name/EmailInstitutionProjects (role)
Professor Dave Adelson
University of Adelaide Genomics Data Capture (DC8, Project Sponsor)
Penelope Aitken
Swinburne University of Technology Policy Online Research Data Citation Project (MODC06, Stakeholder Engagement And Communications)
Diego Alonso
University of Sydney Metadata Store/Aggregator (DC2F, Lead Developer)
Charlie Ambrose
La Trobe University La Trobe University Metadata Store (MS08, Research Data Coordinator)
Neal Anderson
The University of Sydney Agriculture and Environment Data Manager (DC2D, Project Manager)
Sydney Harbour Observatory Data Capture (DC2B, Project Manager)
The University of Sydney Major Open Data Collection: EarthByte (MODC12, Project Manager)
BMRI Application (AP24, Project Manager)
Craig Anderson
Deakin University Deakin University - Habitat distribution and ocean wealth in Victorian coastal waters (HVC04, University Librarian)
Steve Androulakis
Monash University Data Publication to Interferome (MIMR/Interferome) (DC6F, Data Source Administrator)
Biomedical Data Platform (Molecular Biology) (DC6A, Lead Developer)
Development of Metadata Store Infrastructure with a Large Research Data Store (EIF019, Lead Developer, Data Source Administrator)
Tools for curating and publishing research data in the form of media collections (Multimedia Collections ARROW) (DC6C, Data Consultant)
Alison Angleton
La Trobe University Healthy Communities Research Data Collection (MODC02, Research Focus Area Development Manager - Research Services)
Miles Apperley
The University of Sydney Microscopy Data Capture and Deposit (DC2E, Project Sponsor)
Miles Apperley
Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Facility Platforms for Collaboration in the Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Facility (NEAT-PCA, Project Manager)
Matthew Armsby
University of Tasmania Data Capture of statewide hydrological data sets (EIF044, Software Developer)
Rupak Aryal
University of South Australia FLOWED (Free Library on Water & Environmental Data) (HVC09, Project Officer)
Natalia Atkins
University of Tasmania Publication of collections into the ARDC by TPAC and IMAS of UTAS (SC21B, Data Analyst)
Ian Atkinson
James Cook University Tropical Data Hub – Automated Rich Data Capture (DC24, Project Contact)
Research Data Catalogue (MS07, Project Contact)
Tropical Data Hub Collection Discovery and Description (SC23, project manager)
James Cook University Major Open Data Collections Projects (MODC20, Director EResearch Centre)
JCU Tropical Data Hub (AP01, Data Source Administrator)
Gilli Atkinson
CSIRO Soils to Satellites (S2S) (AP15, TERN Developer)
Helen Attar
University of Adelaide CropTIPS (Crop Transport Information, Physiology and Signalling Database) (HVC08, Research Librarian)
Carlos Aya
University of New South Wales Validation of genomes and transcriptomes with proteomic data (The Proteomic-Genomic Nexus) (AP11, Developer (Intersect))