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Name/EmailInstitutionProjects (role)
Susan Lafferty
University of New South Wales Research Data Management Services (SC04, Project Manager)
Mikaela Lawrence
CSIRO CSIRO Trusted Data Repository (GFA17, Data Librarian)
Amanda Lawrence
Swinburne University of Technology Connecting the Analysis and Policy Observatory Collection (formerly Australian Policy Online) (HVC06, Project Director)
Policy Online Research Data Citation Project (MODC06, Project Director)
Heather Leasor
Australian National University The Australian Data Archive as a Trusted Digital Repository for Australian Social Science (GFA15, Project Manager)
Debbie Leatham
Federation University Australia Showcasing Federation University Australia’s research (ODC07, Data Librarian)
Stacey Lee
Griffith University Data Citation Infrastructure Establishment Program (FC013, Project Team)
Brad Lee
University of Tasmania Data Capture of statewide hydrological data sets (EIF044, Software Developer)
Prof Sandra Leggat
La Trobe University Healthy Communities Research Data Collection (MODC02, Director RFA-BuildingHealthy Communities - Research)
Angeletta Leggio
ANDS ARK (AcuResearchKnowledge) (SC41, ANDS Client Liaison Officer)
Digital Mineral Library - Curtin Major Open Data Project (MODC25, ANDS Programme Manager)
Open Access to Marine Data - University of Tasmania Major Open Data Collection (MODC19, ANDS Programme Manager)
SeaMap Australia Connections (GFA06, ANDS Client Liaison Officer)
The University of Western Australia Major Open Data Collection Project (MODC24, ANDS Programme Manager)
AgriConnect (GFA07, ANDS Client Liaison Officer.)
Veronica Lehndorf
Griffith University A Data Collection for Health, Innovation & Engagement (HiVE) in Research (HVC22, Project Manager)
Anne Lennox
RMIT University High-value transdiciplinary digital collections (HVC05, Library Lead)
Greg Leslie
University of New South Wales Data capture and integration across multiple platforms (DC5H, Project Manager)
UNSW Metadata Stores Project (MS21, Project Manager)
Kerry Levett
ANDS University of Adelaide Major Open Data Collections Project (MODC08, ANDS Client Liaison Officer)
University of South Australia Major Open Data Collections Project: Free Library on Water (MODC09, ANDS Client Liaison Officer)
eRSA Node Connect (NODECONNECT05, ANDS Contact)
FLOWED (Free Library on Water & Environmental Data) (HVC09, ANDS Liaison)
From apps to lab: personal mental health datasets (HVC07, ANDS Liaison)
CropTIPS (Crop Transport Information, Physiology and Signalling Database) (HVC08, ANDS Liaison)
Flinders University Major Open Data Collections Project (MODC07, ANDS Client Liaison Officer)
Connecting registry and administrative health data to combat Colorectal cancer (GFA04, ANDS Outreach Officer)
Dr Antonina Lewis
University of Melbourne Australian Drosophila Ecological and Genetic collection (MODC03, Archivist)
Andrew Lewis
Griffith University Adult Stem (DC13C, project manager)
Craig Lewis
University of New South Wales The Prince of Wales Hospital Cancer Services Prospective Breast Cancer Dataset (HVC11B, Project Lead)
Mathew Lewsey
University of Western Australia AgriConnect (GFA07, La Trobe University Project Supervisor)
Stephanie Li
CRC for Mental Health CRC for Mental Health - Biobanks (GFA03, Information Manager, Biobanks)
Jianfeng Li
eRSA eRSA Node Connect (NODECONNECT05, Developer)
Sue Li
University of Tasmania UTAS Research Data Discovery Service (RDDS) (MS12, UTAS Technical Officer)
Dr Jianfeng Li
University of Adelaide Automated capture and publishing of data generated on high throughput plant phenomic platforms. (DC8A, data source administrator)
Genomics Data Capture (DC8, Project Manager)
Research Data Librarian
Queensland University of Technology Promoting Australian Pulses through Data Sharing (HVC21, Philippa Frame)
Data Librarian
Queensland University of Technology Open Access Spatial Data and Collaboration - Queensland University of Technology Major Open Data Collections Project (MODC21, Jodie Vaughan)
Clair Meade (Data Librarian)
James Cook University JCU & ConnectedUrbanTropics (HVC20, )
Scott Lieske
University of New South Wales Bicycle Network (HVC11A, Project Manager)
Matthias Liffers
Curtin University Digital Mineral Library - Curtin Major Open Data Project (MODC25, Project Manager)
Curtin University SHRIMP Digital Mineral Library (HVC25, Executive Officer)
Meng-Kuan Lin
University of Queensland Brain Mapping National Resource (AP16, Project Adviser)
Rebecca Lindberg
Victoria University Australia's Health Tracker (CEP14, Research Coordinator)
Kim Linton
Monash University Data Publication to Interferome (MIMR/Interferome) (DC6F, Senior Business Analyst)
Comprehensive Data Management for Microscopy Research Datasets (EIF036, Senior Business Analyst)
Biomedical Data Platform (Molecular Biology) (DC6A, Senior Business Analyst)
Capture and publication of Australian ecosystem data from a network of measurement sites (Ecosystem Measurements) (DC6D, Senior Business Analyst)
Elizabeth Litting
University of Technology Sydney Community tools and processes for effective data management planning (SC17, Project Manager)
Alan Lo
RMIT University Research Data Storage and Curation at RMIT (MS10, Project Contact)
Andrew Lonie
University of Melbourne Data Intensive Collaboration on the Genomics Virtual Lab (ERIC07, Project Manager)
A highly accessible, reproducible, data - focussed workflow environment for genomics (GFA12, Project Lead)
Cynthia Love
ANDS CSIRO ASKAP Science Data Archive Major Open Data Collection (MODC18, ANDS Contact)
Oliver Lucido
University of Southern Queensland Ingect: ANDS Metadata Store for VITAL/Fedora (EIF040, Lead Developer)
Vanessa Lucieer
University of Tasmania SeaMap Australia - Benthic Marine Habitats on the Australian Continental Shelf (HVC19, Spatial Data Manager)
SeaMap Australia Connections (GFA06, Spatial Data Management)
Michael Lynch
University of Technology Sydney UTS data capture (DC18, Project Manager)
UTS Metadata Stores Project (MS22, Project Manager)
Prof. Mervyn Lynch
TERN AusCover Workflow Services to enable a Large-Scale Temporal- Spatial Ecosystem Digital Information Service (NEAT-AUSCOVER, Project Lead)