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Name/EmailInstitutionProjects (role)
Mary O'Connor
University of Adelaide CropTIPS (Crop Transport Information, Physiology and Signalling Database) (HVC08, Project Manager)
Owen O'Neill
University of Melbourne Youth Research Centre's Life Patterns Project: Longitudinal qualitative and quantitative survey data capture and reuse (DC3B, Project Manager)
Video data in the Social Sciences. Optimising Metadata Capture, Data Sharing Procedures and Long-term Reuse (DC3C, Project Manager)
Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre (MNC) Bioinformatics Development Project (DC3A, Project Manager)
Founders and Survivors Project (DC3G, Project Manager)
Australian Drosophila Ecological and Genetic collection (MODC03, VicNode Liaison)
Federated Neuroimaging Collections in the National Data Commons (DC3D, Project Manager)
Enhanced Metadata Capture for Sustainable Management, Sharing and Re-use of APN Histopathology Research Data (EIF006, data source administrator)
Humanities and Social Science Research Data at the University of Melbourne (DC3E, Project Manager)
Capture of Complex Data to Support Clinical Research in Cardiovascular and Neurological Medicine (DC3F, Project Manager)
Carmel O'Sullivan
University of Southern Queensland South East Queensland Ultraviolet and Cloud Measurement Data (ODC12, Research Librarian)
Monika Oakman
University of Wollongong University of Wollongong Cosmogenic Isotope and Luminescence Database (HVC15, Project Manager)
Linda Octalina
University of Southern Queensland Ingect: ANDS Metadata Store for VITAL/Fedora (EIF040, Developer)
Sara Ogston
VicNode ANDS RDSI node Connections (NODECONNECT04, Project Manager)
Roger Osborne
AustLit Aus-e-Lit: Collaborative Integration and Annotation Services for Australian Literature Communities (NEAT-AUS-E-LIT, Data Source Administrator)
Dr Jenny Ostini
University of Southern Queensland USQ: Digital Lives: Everyday Digital Literacies (CEP10, Principal Investigator)
Bec Owen
University of the Sunshine Coast University of the Sunshine Coast Fraser Island Collection (CEP12, Project Member)
USC Seeding the Commons (SC42, Metadata Specialist)
Pavement characteristics as a function of environmental conditions (ODC13, Repository Coordinator)