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Name/EmailInstitutionProjects (role)
Professor John Yeaman
University of the Sunshine Coast Pavement characteristics as a function of environmental conditions (ODC13, Chief Researcher)
Casper Yeow
CSIRO Soils to Satellites (S2S) (AP15, TERN Business Analyst)
Dr. Joseph Young
Queensland University of Technology B150BigJam (DC11C, project manager)
Biodiversity (DC11B, project manager)
Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Australian Soils (DC11A, project manager)
Fei Yu
University of Queensland The University of Queensland Publication-Driven Data Sharing Initiative Project (HVC23, Project Coordinator)
Simon Yu
Monash University Data Publication to Interferome (MIMR/Interferome) (DC6F, Lead Developer)
Capture and publication of data on the history of adoption (History of Adoption) (DC6E, Lead Developer)
Human Chr7 Proteomics Integration Project (AP32, Developer)
Research Data Management of the Monash Weather Climate Program (Climate and Weather) (DC6, Lead Developer)
Capture and publication of Australian ecosystem data from a network of measurement sites (Ecosystem Measurements) (DC6D, Lead Developer)
Tools for curating and publishing research data in the form of media collections (Multimedia Collections ARROW) (DC6C, Lead Developer)