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Projects funded under the "High Value Collections" program:


CodeSort by codeTitleInstitutions (and Collaborators)ANDS contactProject TeamSoftware Source Code
HVC17 ANU Data Plexus for the Physical Sciences Australian National University
(National Computing Infrastructure)
Ines Hessler Tim Senden (Project Lead)
HVC18 CSIRO – National Soils Data Collection CSIRO Alan Glixman Peter Wilson (Lead Researcher)
Daniel Miller (Project Manager)
HVC25 Curtin University SHRIMP Digital Mineral Library Curtin University Agi Gedeon Peter Green (Project Manager)
Brent McInnes (Chief Scientist)
Matthias Liffers (Executive Officer)
Warick Brown (Data Engineer)
HVC04 Deakin University - Habitat distribution and ocean wealth in Victorian coastal waters Deakin University Kathryn Unsworth Daniel Ierodiaconou (Lead Researcher) (Project Director)
Alex Rattray (Project Manager)
Christopher McAvaney (E-Research Director)
Craig Anderson (University Librarian)
HVC07 From apps to lab: personal mental health datasets Flinders University
(SAHMRI, QIMR,, Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre)
Kerry Levett Amanda Nixon (Project Manager)
Niranjan Bidargaddi (Lead Researcher)
Megan Winsall (Research Assistant)
Peter Musiat (Research Fellow)
HVC22 A Data Collection for Health, Innovation & Engagement (HiVE) in Research Griffith University Andrew White Prof Sheena Reilly ()
Dr Martin Connor ()
Veronica Lehndorf (Project Manager)
HVC20 JCU & ConnectedUrbanTropics James Cook University Kathryn Unsworth Ian Atkinson (eResearch Director) ()
Chris Christensen (Project Manager tbc) ()
Clair Meade (Data Librarian) ()
HVC02 La Trobe - Surface Science Collection & Genomics Platform - Large scale RNA sequence data collection La Trobe University Kathryn Unsworth Paul Pigram (Lead Researcher - CMSS Project)
Andrew McDonald (Developer - CMSS)
Jim Whelan (Lead Researcher - Genomics Platform)
Andrew Robinson (Senior Bioinformatician - Genomics)
Simon Huggard (Deputy Director, Research And Collections)
Andrew Williams (Senior Research Data Management Coordinator)
Clayton Bolitho (Research Outputs Data Advisor)
Rachel Salby (Senior Officer Discovery Support)
Eva Fisch (Manager Research)
HVC14 Macquarie University Hospital Patient Data Collection Macquarie University Alan Glixman Guy Tsafnat (Project Manager)
HVC01 Monash Imaging Data Project (MIDP) Monash University Mingfang Wu Patrick Splawa-Neyman (Data Librarian)
Neil Dickson (Research Data Management Coordinator)
Anitha Kanna (EResearch Program Manager)
David Groenewegen (Director (Research))
HVC21 Promoting Australian Pulses through Data Sharing Queensland University of Technology Andrew White Stephanie Bradbury (Project Coordinator)
Brett Williams (Subject Matter Expert)
Research Data Librarian (Philippa Frame)
HVC05 High-value transdiciplinary digital collections RMIT University Richard Ferrers Nick May (Project Manager)
Prof Heinz Schmidt (Project Director)
Prof Jago Dodson (Lead Researcher)
Anne Lennox (Library Lead)
HVC06 Connecting the Analysis and Policy Observatory Collection (formerly Australian Policy Online) Swinburne University of Technology Richard Ferrers Camilo Jorquera (Project Manager)
Amanda Lawrence (Project Director)
Prof Julian Thomas (APO Chair)
Leanne Whitby (APO Information Manager)
HVC12 PARADISEC PNG Collections Data Enrichment The University of Sydney
(ARC Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language, The Institute of Papua New Guinea Studies)
Alan Glixman Nick Theiberger (Project Board)
Linda Barwick (Project Board)
Nick Ward (Project Manager)
HVC24 The Compendium of cropPAL The University of Western Australia Agi Gedeon Harvey Millar (Chief Scientist)
Cornelia Hooper (Project Leader)
Ian Castleden (Software Engineer)
Kylie Black (Librarian)
Katina Toufexis (Research Data Coordinator)
HVC08 CropTIPS (Crop Transport Information, Physiology and Signalling Database) University of Adelaide
(Centre of Excellence for Plant Energy Biology)
Kerry Levett Mary O'Connor (Project Manager)
Steve Tyerman (Lead Researcher)
Matt Gilliham (Lead Researcher)
Helen Attar (Research Librarian)
HVC03 University of Melbourne Research Data Collections University of Melbourne Richard Ferrers Koula Tsiaplis (Project Manager)
Steve Giugni (Project Director)
Terry Brennan (Steering Committee)
Lyle Winton (Steering Committee)
Donna Hensler VCA (Project Lead VCA)
Gerry Fahey SEFS (Project Lead SEFS)
HVC11B The Prince of Wales Hospital Cancer Services Prospective Breast Cancer Dataset University of New South Wales
(Prince of Wales Hospital)
Ines Hessler Craig Lewis (Project Lead)
Stephanie Macmillan (Project Manager)
Jitendra Jonnagaddala (Bioinformatics Manager)
Diane Schipp (Data Manager)
HVC11A Bicycle Network University of New South Wales
Ines Hessler Christopher Pettit (Project Lead)
Scott Lieske (Project Manager)
Lindsey Conrow (Developer)
HVC11C Data on Elections, Democracy and Autocracy (DEDA) University of New South Wales
(Australian Data Archive)
Ines Hessler Carolien van Ham (Project Manager)
Maude Frances (Library Liaison)
HVC11D Increased effectiveness of free online access to Myanmar and Indian case law University of New South Wales
Ines Hessler Philip Chung (Project Manager)
HVC10 Virtual Biobank University of Newcastle
(Hunter Medical Research Institute)
Alan Glixman Jamie Flynn (Lead Researcher)
Antony Martin (Lead Researcher)
Wil Palmer (Lead Researcher)
HVC23 The University of Queensland Publication-Driven Data Sharing Initiative Project University of Queensland Andrew White Sarah Brown (Project Manager)
Fei Yu (Project Coordinator)
HVC09 FLOWED (Free Library on Water & Environmental Data) University of South Australia
(SA Water)
Kerry Levett Angelica Healey (Project Manager)
Prof. Chris Saint (Project Lead)
Prof. Chris Chow (Project Lead)
Ann Morgan (Library Liaison)
Glynn Stringer (Research Office Liaison)
Rupak Aryal (Project Officer)
Harry Jin (Project Officer)
HVC19 SeaMap Australia - Benthic Marine Habitats on the Australian Continental Shelf University of Tasmania
Katherine Tattersall Craig Johnson (Project Lead)
Vanessa Lucieer (Spatial Data Manager)
Peter Walsh (Project Manager)
Roger Proctor (Project Manager)
Emma Flukes (Data Services Administrator)
Claire Butler (Spatial Data Analyst)
HVC13 Data for the UTS Data Arena University of Technology Sydney Ines Hessler Sam Bebawi (Project Manager)
Peter Sefton (EResearch Liaison)
Belinda Tiffen (Library Liaison)
Ben Simons (Data Arena Lead)
Cynthia Whitchurch (Microbial Imaging Facility)
HVC15 University of Wollongong Cosmogenic Isotope and Luminescence Database University of Wollongong Alan Glixman Monika Oakman (Project Manager)
HVC16 Angus & Robertson Collection for Humanities and Education Research (ARCHivER) Western Sydney University
(State Library of New South Wales)
Ines Hessler Jason Ensor (Project Manager)
Simon Burrows (Project Lead)
Stephen Hannan (Research Office Liaison)
Michael Gonzalez (Library Liaison)
Helen Bones (Project Officer)