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Projects funded under the "Major Open Data Collections" program:


CodeTitleInstitutions (and Collaborators)Sort by InstitutionANDS contactProject TeamSoftware Source Code
MODC01 Monash University Imaging Locus Project Monash University Xiaobin Shen David Groenewegen (Project Director)
Anitha Kannan (Project Manager)
Patrick Splawa-Neyman (Data Librarian)
Neil Dickson (Data Management Coordinator)
MODC02 Healthy Communities Research Data Collection La Trobe University Kathryn Unsworth Simon Huggard (Digital Infrastructure Manager)
Prof Sandra Leggat (Director RFA-BuildingHealthy Communities - Research)
Alison Angleton (Research Focus Area Development Manager - Research Services)
Greg D'Arcy (Project Manager)
MODC03 Australian Drosophila Ecological and Genetic collection University of Melbourne
(VicNode, NeCTAR, University College London, CSIRO, Monash University, Australian Museum, University of New England)
Richard Ferrers Ailie Smith (Project Manager)
Prof Ary Hoffmann (Research Sponsor)
Dr Pip Griffin (Research Lead)
Dr Antonina Lewis (Archivist)
Owen O'Neill (VicNode Liaison)
MODC05 RMIT University Major Open Data Collection Project RMIT University Richard Ferrers Heinz Schmidt (Project Director)
Ravi Sreenivasamurthy (Project Manager)
Ian Thomas (Business Analyst)
Nick May (Business Architect)
MODC06 Policy Online Research Data Citation Project Swinburne University of Technology
(Australian Policy Online)
Richard Ferrers Amanda Lawrence (Project Director)
Camilo Jorquera (Technical Lead)
John Butera (Metadata Analyst)
Jaye Weatherburn (Data/Information Manager)
Penelope Aitken (Stakeholder Engagement And Communications)
MODC07 Flinders University Major Open Data Collections Project Flinders University Kerry Levett Liz Walkley Hall (Project Manager)
Grant Gully (Data Manager)
MODC08 University of Adelaide Major Open Data Collections Project University of Adelaide Kerry Levett Cathy Miller (Project Manager)
Christopher Franks (Project Officer)
Alan Cooper (Lead Researcher)
Jimmy Breen (Bioinformatician)
MODC09 University of South Australia Major Open Data Collections Project: Free Library on Water University of South Australia
(SA Water, Centre for Water Management and Reuse)
Kerry Levett Angelica Healey (Project Manager)
Glynn Stringer (Business Analyst)
James Moyon (Technical Developer)
Adam Fedornak (Technical Developer)
Daniela Nastasie (Senior Metadata Librarian)
Prof Christopher Saint (Researcher)
Chris Chow (Researcher)
Mary Drikas (Researcher)
Rolando Fabris (Researcher)
MODC11 Major Open Data Collection Project MCO Study Database and National Waterbirds and Wetlands Database UNSW Ingrid Mason Dr Maude Frances (Project Manager)
MODC12 The University of Sydney Major Open Data Collection: EarthByte The University of Sydney Alan Glixman Dietmar Muller (Lead Researcher)
Neal Anderson (Project Manager)
MODC13 Data Hub of Australian Research in Marine and Aquatic Ecocultures University of Technology Sydney Ingrid Mason Sharyn Wise (Project Manager)
MODC14 Macquarie University Major Open Data Collection Macquarie University Alan Glixman Ines Hessler (Project Manager)
MODC15 PetaJakarta Data Sharing Project University of Wollongong Alan Glixman Tomas Holderness (Researcher)
MODC16 University of Western Sydney Major Open Data Collection Project University of Western Sydney Ingrid Mason Kim Heckenberg (Project Manager)
Katrina Trewin (Data Librarian)
MODC17 Extending the benefits of genome science to Indigenous Australians through appropriate and respectful data sharing Australian National University Ingrid Mason Kathie Brown (Project Manager)
Prof Simon Easteal (Project Sponsor)
MODC18 CSIRO ASKAP Science Data Archive Major Open Data Collection CSIRO Cynthia Love Dan Miller (CSIRO CASDA Project Manager)
MODC19 Open Access to Marine Data - University of Tasmania Major Open Data Collection University of Tasmania Richard Ferrers Peter Walsh (Manager, Data And Information Systems)
MODC20 James Cook University Major Open Data Collections Projects James Cook University Kathryn Unsworth Professor Ian Atkinson (Director EResearch Centre)
Jay van Schyndel (Software Engineer - EResearch Centre)
MODC21 Open Access Spatial Data and Collaboration - Queensland University of Technology Major Open Data Collections Project Queensland University of Technology Andrew White Colin Eustace (Project Manager)
Data Librarian (Jodie Vaughan)
MODC22 The Open River - Griffith University Major Open Data Collection Project Griffith University Andrew White Hamish Holewa (Project Manager)
Sarah Richmond (Data Analyst)
MODC23 University of Queensland Major Open Data Collections Project University of Queensland Andrew White Belinda Weaver (Project Manager)
MODC24 The University of Western Australia Major Open Data Collection Project University of Western Australia Angeletta Leggio Dr Harvey Millar (Director, Plant Energy Biology, ARC Centre Of Excellence)
Dr Cornelia Hooper (Project Manager, Research Fellow, Plant Energy Biology, ARC Centre Of Excellence)
MODC25 Digital Mineral Library - Curtin Major Open Data Project Curtin University Angeletta Leggio Matthias Liffers (Project Manager)