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Projects funded under the "National eResearch Architecture Taskforce" program:


CodeTitleInstitutions (and Collaborators)Sort by InstitutionANDS contactProject TeamSoftware Source Code
NEAT-AUS-E-LIT Aus-e-Lit: Collaborative Integration and Annotation Services for Australian Literature Communities AustLit, University of Queensland Julia Martin Roger Osborne (Data Source Administrator)
NEAT-AUS-E-STAGE Aus-e-Stage – Collective Intelligence and Creative Visualisation for Collaborative eResearch Flinders University Andrew Treloar Dr. Jonathan Bollen (Project Manager)
NEAT-AUSCOVER Workflow Services to enable a Large-Scale Temporal- Spatial Ecosystem Digital Information Service TERN AusCover
(Curtin University of Technology, CSIRO, Murdoch University)
Andrew Treloar Prof. Mervyn Lynch (Project Lead)
Dr. Peter Feans (Project Member)
Dr. Edward King (Project Member)
NEAT-BIOFLOW NeAT Project Plan for BioFlow Project Murdoch University
(Queensland Facility for Advanced Bioinformatics, Victorian Life Sciences Computation Centre)
Andrew Treloar Adam Hunter (Project Manager)
NEAT-BIOSECURITY Biosecurity Collaboration Platform (BCP) Project CSIRO Andrew Treloar Dr Christen Mueller-Tomfelde (Project Manager)
NEAT-DATAMINX A Data Fabric for Character isation – Micr oscopy, Imaging, Neutron and X-ray Facil ities Australian Synchrotron
Andrew Treloar Peter Turner (Project Manager)
NEAT-DIAS-B DIAS-B: Data Integration and Annotation Service in Biodiversity NeAT Project Atlas of Living Australia, CSIRO, University of Queensland Julia Martin Peter Doherty (Data Source Administrator)
NEAT-HUMAN-VARIOME Software and Data Support for the Australian Node of the Human Variome Project University of Melbourne Andrew Treloar Heather Howard (Project Manager)
NEAT-MACDDAP Marine and Climate Data Discovery and Access Project Integrated Marine Observing System
(CSIRO, Bureau of Meteorology Architecta)
Andrew Treloar Peter Blain (Project Manager)
NEAT-NCJRDN National Criminal Justice Research Data Network NeAT project National Criminal Justice Research Data Network Julia Martin
NEAT-PCA Platforms for Collaboration in the Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Facility Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Facility
(University of Sydney)
Andrew Treloar Miles Apperley (Project Manager)
NEAT-PODD Phenomics Ontology Driven Data Management Australian Plant Phenomics Facility
(Australian Phenomics Network, CSIRO, Australian National University, University of Queensland, University of Adelaide, Monash University)
Andrew Treloar Gavin Kennedy (Project Manager)
NEAT-REMOTE-CT Remote Computed Tomography Reconstruction, Simulation and Visualisation CSIRO
(Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing (VPAC), the Victorian eResearch Strategic Initiative (VeRSI), Australian Synchrotron, Australian National University)
Andrew Treloar Tim Gureyev (Project Manager)
NEAT-SISS Spatial Information Services Stack Integrated Marine Observing System
(University of Tasmania, Tasmanian Partnership for Advanced Computing, CSIRO, Bureau of Meteorology)
Andrew Treloar Dr. Rob Woodcock (Project Manager)