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Projects funded under the "Other" program:


CodeSort by codeTitleInstitutions (and Collaborators)ANDS contactProject TeamSoftware Source Code
EIF024 Increasing the availability and discoverability of Australasian legal research data AustLII Julia Martin Philip Chung (Data Source Administrator)
FC012 Data Citation Infrastructure Establishment Program Australian Antarctic Division Karen Visser Kim Finney (Project Manager)
Dave Connell (Scientific Data Coordinator)
Ursula Harris (GIS)
David Smith (GIS)
Matt Mckellar-Spence (Lead Developer)
FC014 Data Citation Infrastructure Establishment Program Australian Data Archive Karen Visser Steve McEachern (Project Lead)
NCRIS012 Australian National Corpus Griffith University
(Macquarie University)
Xiaobin Shen Robyn Rebollo (Project Manager)
Mark Fallu (Lead Developer)
Gerhard Weis (Developer)
Mark Foreman (Developer)
Joanne Morris (Data Source Administrator)
NCRIS002 Identifying and describing Griffith University's research datasets and making metadata available to the Griffith research community and the Australian Research Data Commons Griffith University Xiaobin Shen
FC013 Data Citation Infrastructure Establishment Program Griffith University Karen Visser Jo Morris (Project Manager)
Sam Searle (Project Team)
Natasha Simons (Project Team)
Stacey Lee (Project Team)
Arve Solland (Senior Developer)
Mark Fallu (EResearch Support Specialist)
EIF019 Development of Metadata Store Infrastructure with a Large Research Data Store Monash University Xiaobin Shen Anthony Beitz (Project Manager)
Anitha Kannan (Project Manager)
Russell Sim (Developer)
Mark Cauchi (Microbiology - Micromon), Angelo Iezzi (Business Economics - AQoL), Andrew Perry (Biochemistry - Protein Nuclear Magnetic Resonance), David Boutelier (Geoscience - Particle Imaging Velocimetry Systems), Oded Kleifeld (Biochemistry - Proteomics) (Research Officer)
Steve Androulakis (Lead Developer, Data Source Administrator)
EIF038 Researcher Profile and MetaData Monash University Xiaobin Shen David Saint (Data Source Administrator)
Mark Kasprzyk (Project Manager)
Terry Zhou (Project Manager)
Rooswald Tellis (Lead Developer)
Jamith Jayasekara (Developer)
David Saint (Data Source Administrator)
EIF041 Museums Metadata Exchange Powerhouse Museum
(CAMD, Museums Australia)
Julia Martin Lynne McNairn (Data Source Administrator)
EIF048 ReDBox (Research Data Box) Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation (QCIF)
(University of Newcastle, Flinders University)
Andrew White Rob Cook (Project Manager)
Duncan Dickinson (Data Source Administrator)
Greg Pendlebury (Lead Developer)
Duncan Dickinson (Data Source Administrator)
NCRIS001 Identifying and describing QUT's research datasets and making metadata available to the QUT research community and the Australian Research Data Commons Queensland University of Technology Andrew White Martin Borchert (Project Co-ordinator)
EIF002 Research Collection Metadata Exchange Hub Queensland University of Technology,Griffith University Xiaobin Shen Jo Morris (project manager)
Jo Morris (data source administrator)
DIT4C Data Carpentry: Data Intensive (services) training in the cloud University of Melbourne Karen Visser Dr Fiona Tweedie (Project Lead, NLTK Materials)
Daniel McDonald (NLTK Materials)
Dr Isabell Kiral-Kornek (MATLAB Materials)
Damien Irving (Python Materials)
Lachlan Musicman (CartoDB Materials)
EIF006 Enhanced Metadata Capture for Sustainable Management, Sharing and Re-use of APN Histopathology Research Data University of Melbourne
Richard Ferrers King Chiu (lead developer)
Owen O'Neill (data source administrator)
EIF035 Scoping Study for W4 Semantic Tagging Service University of Queensland Andrew Treloar Prof Jane Hunter (data source administrator)
EIF039 Linking the EMBL Australia EBI Mirror with the Australian Research Data Commons University of Queensland
Andrew White Dominique Gorse (Data Source Administrator)
Troy Sadkowsky (Lead Developer)
Felicity Newell (Developer)
Pierre-Alain Chaumeil (Developer)
Dominique Gorse (Data Source Administrator)
EIF040 Ingect: ANDS Metadata Store for VITAL/Fedora University of Southern Queensland
(University of Newcastle)
Kathryn Unsworth Peter Sefton (Data Source Administrator)
Duncan Dickinson (Project Manager)
Oliver Lucido (Lead Developer)
Greg Pendlebury (Developer)
Linda Octalina (Developer)
Peter Sefton (Data Source Administrator)
EIF017 Management, Re-Use and Discovery of Breast Cancer Microscopy Virtual Images University of Sydney Ingrid Mason Jane Carpenter (Australian Breast Cancer Tissue Bank Contact)
EIF023 Publication of Data from National Research Vessels University of Tasmania for Australian Ocean Data Network Julia Martin Kim Finney (Data Source Administrator)
Miles Jordan (Lead Developer)
Siddeswara Guru (Developer)
Pauline Mak (Developer)
Kim Finney (Data Source Administrator)