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Projects funded under the "Seeding the Commons" program:


CodeTitleInstitutions (and Collaborators)Sort by InstitutionANDS contactProject TeamSoftware Source Code
SC01 Seeding the Commons at The University of Sydney The University of Sydney Alan Glixman Belinda Norman (Project Manager)
Kate Stanton (Research Data Coordinator)
SC02 Seeding the Commons at the University of Melbourne University of Melbourne Richard Ferrers Ailie Smith (Data Source Administrator)
Simon Porter (Technical Advisor)
Anna Shadbolt (Project Manager)
SC03 Seeding the Commons@UQ University of Queensland Andrew White Dr. Nigel Ward (Project Manager)
Prof. Jane Hunter (Data Source Administrator)
SC04 Research Data Management Services University of New South Wales Alan Glixman Susan Lafferty (Project Manager)
Maude Francis (Project Manager)
Harry Sidhunata (Lead Developer)
SC05 Seeding the Commons - Monash University Research Data Collections Project Monash University Xiaobin Shen Sue Clarke (Project Director)
Sam Searle (Project Manager)
Jackie Waylen (Project Manager)
Paula Todd (Project Manager)
Andrew Harrison (Lead Developer)
Michelle Rusiniak (Developer)
Sam Searle (Data Source Administrator)
Julie McCulloch (Metadata Librarian)
SC06 The ANU Seeding the Commons Project Australian National University Andrew Williams Doug Moncur (Data Source Administrator)
Rahul Khanna (Developer)
Genevieve Turner (Developer)
SC07A Research Data Storage and Management University of Adelaide Andrew Williams Vanessa Barrett (Project Manager / Data Source Administrator)
Cathy Miller (Research Data Project Officer)
SC08B Building a Research Data Registry for the University of Western Australia University of Western Australia Mathew Wyatt Toby Burrows (Data Source Administrator)
SC09 Identifying and locating UOW data sets to seed the Australian Research Data Commons and the development of a supporting research data management policy. University of Wollongong
Alan Glixman Matthew Perry (Project Manager)
Rodney Harrison (Project Manager)
SC11 Macquarie University Seeding the Commons Macquarie University Alan Glixman Grant Sayer (Project Manager)
Dianne Hillier (Project Manager)
SC13A Integrated Model for the Management of Research Data Curtin University Mathew Wyatt Florian Goessmann (Primary Contact)
Salim Taleb (Data Source Administrator)
SC14B Screen Media Research Archive RMIT University Mingfang Wu Heinz Schmidt (Project Director)
Ravi Sreenivasamurthy (Project Manager)
Rachel Wilson (Domain Expert)
Alex Gionfriddo (Domain Expert)
Venki Balasubramanian (Lead Developer)
Ian Thomas (Developer)
Nicholas May (Developer)
Deb Verhoeven (Project Director)
SC15 Taking Australian Architectural and Built Environment Records into the Commons University of South Australia Andrew Williams Ann Morgan (Project Manager)
Dr Julie Collins (Project Manager)
Belinda Hoare (Project Manager)
Martyn George (Lead Developer)
Dr Christine Garnaut (Data Source Administrator)
SC17 Community tools and processes for effective data management planning University of Technology Sydney
(Australian Social Sciences Data Archive (ASSDA))
Alan Glixman Gabrielle Gardiner (Project Director)
Elizabeth Litting (Project Manager)
SC18 Archaeological Database Development: The People and Place Project La Trobe University Xiaobin Shen Dr Mark Kosten (Data Source Administrator)
Emma Curtis-Bramwell (Project Manager)
Conal Tuohy (Lead Developer)
Daniel Tosello (Developer)
Dr Mark Kosten (Data Source Administrator)
SC19 Description and discovery of research data collections available at Deakin University Deakin University Richard Ferrers Michelle Watson (Data Source Administrator)
Megan Capicchiano (Project Manager)
SC20 UWS Seeding the Commons University of Western Sydney Xiaobin Shen Euwe Ermita (Project Manager)
SC21B Publication of collections into the ARDC by TPAC and IMAS of UTAS University of Tasmania Mingfang Wu Peter Blain (Project Manager)
Peter Walsh (Project Manager And Data Source Administrator)
Paola Petrelli (Data Analyst)
Natalia Atkins (Data Analyst)
SC22 Reformatting the AusStage dataset to support access and re-use by researchers Flinders University Andrew Williams Dr Jonathan Bollen (project manager)
Jenny Fewster (data source administrator)
SC22B Reforming the Movies: the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America, Inc. database Flinders University Andrew Williams Liz Milford (project manager)
Professor Richard Maltby (data source administrator)
SC23 Tropical Data Hub Collection Discovery and Description James Cook University Andrew White Professor Ian Atkinson (project manager)
Dr Trina Myers (project manager)
Marianne Brown (lead developer)
Haidi Beard (data librarian)
SC25 Research data framework Victoria University
Richard Ferrers Neale Yates,Lyle Winton (Project Manager)
Terri Dentry (Project Manager)
Liping Wang (Data Source Administrator)
Lyle Winton (Data Source Administrator)
SC26A N.C.W. Beadle Herbarium Database at UNE University of New England Alan Glixman Prof. Jeremy Bruhl (Lead Researcher)
Prof. Heiko Daniel (Project Chair)
Johan Boshoff (Project Manager)
SC27 Watering the garden for the seeds to grow Swinburne University of Technology
(University of Newcastle)
Richard Ferrers Teula Morgan (Project Manager)
Rebecca Parker (Data Source Administrator)
SC28 Data Management Plan and Policy Edith Cowan University Mathew Wyatt Julia Gross (Data Librarian)
Constance Wiebrands (Data Source Administrator)
SC29 Integrated Precision Agriculture Murdoch University Mathew Wyatt Matthew Bellgard (Data Source Administrator)
SC30 Cross-communication and enhanced accessibility for research data management systems. University of Canberra Andrew Williams Alessandro Valdez Guilhon (Lead Developer)
Dr Roland Goecke (Data Source Administrator)
SC32 CEM Core Data Curation project Central Queensland University Mingfang Wu Professor Kerry Walsh (Data Source Administrator)
Elke Dawson (Data Source Administrator)
SC33 Seeding the Commons: Enabling CSIRO's Biological Collections for the ARDC CSIRO Mingfang Wu Tricia Kelly,John Morrissey (data source administrator)
SC35 USQ Seeding the Commons: Creation of a Research Data Management Framework for USQ University of Southern Queensland Kathryn Unsworth Jaqueline Blake (Project Contact)
Annette Nanka (Data Source Administrator)
Belinda Reimers (Research Office)
SC36 Griffith RDA Gold Standard Record Exemplars Griffith University Andrew White Natasha Simons (Project Manager)
Arve Sollard (Senior Developer)
SC37 QUT RDA Gold Standard Record Exemplars Queensland University of Technology Andrew White Philippa Broadley (Project Manager)
Lance De Vine (HPC Research Support Specialist)
SC38 CDUeDATA Charles Darwin University Richard Ferrers Neil Godfrey (Project Manager)
Ruth Quinn (Library Director)
SC39 SCU Seeding the Commons Southern Cross University Kathryn Unsworth Andrew Morton (Project Manager)
Wendy Scott (Project Officer)
SC40 Seeding the Commons Federation University Australia Dr Richard Ferrers Dr Helen Thompson (Project Manager)
Carmel Grant (Library Manager)
Carolyn Bray (Data Librarian/Data Source Administrator)
Donna Byrne (Project Officer)
Roger Clark (Project Officer)
Dr Janette Corcoran (Project Officer / Research Fellow)
SC41 ARK (AcuResearchKnowledge) Australian Catholic University Angeletta Leggio Stefania Riccardi (Project Manager)
SC42 USC Seeding the Commons University of the Sunshine Coast Kathryn Unsworth Sandra Jeffries (Project Sponsor)
Beth Crawter (Project Manager)
Rebecca Owen (Metadata Specialist)
SC43 Bond University Seeding the Commons Bond University Andrew White Antoinette Cass (Project Manager)
Dianne Monnier (Scholarly Publications Officer)
Jasna Romic (Research Data Officer)