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JAVA, JavaScript

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Online decision support toolkit for climate resilient seaports

RMIT University

Project Description

This project has addressed one of the most challenging issues facing today’s society – how best to adapt to a changing climate. The development of the ‘Climate Smart Seaports’ toolkit was designed to support more informed decision-making by seaports, a critical component of Australia’s infrastructure and vital to the future prosperity of the country. Seaports had previously been identified as particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change by the NCCARF expert group on settlements and infrastructure. Furthermore, with additional (though relatively limited) refinement, the data, methodologies, and software interface could equally be transferable – and of value - to other infrastructure types.

The tool brings together a range of different climate and non-climate data, and structures this complex information in formats that align closely with general risk management processes (a desire expressed by the stakeholders and potential end-users). This enables climate risks to be integrated or mainstreamed into existing management frameworks. Furthermore, iterative engagement with key stakeholders and experts also ensured that the software interface for the prototype tool is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Close working not only between the disciplinary expertise represented by the climate change adaptation and eResearch teams at RMIT University, but also with numerous data providers and end users, ensured that the prototype tool is a ‘co-generated’ product that is not only robust but also fit for purpose. Given stakeholder interest shown in the tool, further funding is being sought to extend this resource to all regions of Australia and to host it in an RMIT-affiliated cloud to ensure its longer-term sustainability.

Research Champion:

Professor Darryn McEvoy,
Civil, Environmental & Chemical Eng, RMIT University

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