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Sensor Networks

Integration metadata from various systems which are internal to an institution

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Peter Sefton (Project Manager,

Rodney Harrison (Project Manager,

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Climate Change and Energy Research Facilities (CCERF)

University of Western Sydney

Project Description:

Research focus
The Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment is a multidisciplinary research team exploring how terrestrial ecosystems, and their components, respond to atmospheric CO2 concentration, climate variability and land use change. HIE consists of:
• 37 academic research staff (increasing to 43 by the end of 2013)
• 13 field and lab technical staff
• 6 support staff
• about 40 postgraduate students

HIE fields of research include:
• Plant Biology (0607)
• Forestry Sciences (0705)
• Ecology (0602)
• Soil Science (0503)
The institute has a number of field facilities and laboratories that produce raw research data through an extensive sensor network and instruments.
Project impetus and drivers
The extensive and diverse nature of the research data being generated highlighted concerns about data security, data management and accessibility to researchers within HIE and also externally.

This project aimed to alleviate these concerns by providing a centralized data capture hub for all HIE data, with the initial focus being on three instruments, Eddy Flux Tower, Whole Tree Chambers and Weather Station.

Project outcomes
The project has delivered “the HIEv” application to HIE users. The HIEv went live in January 2013. Here is some information about the application:
• The application currently has 1,100 files captured and 16 GB of data
• There are six facilities, expanding from the initial three, and 29 experiments that are producing data.
• There are currently 5 field PCs deployed which have been configured to capture the sensor data.
• 120 files are automatically uploaded nightly and the database is growing by about 1GB per week
• There are 25 users of the system, many of these being researchers who are self-servicing to obtain the research data they need, and this is growing by about 1 user per week.
• Twenty four data collections have been published to Research Data Australia. The data is currently available by mediated access, but this is likely to become open access over time.
• The HIEv has been adopted as HIE’s primary research data capture application.
• Has developed the data architecture and associated software systems to automatically capture data and meta-data from HIE facilities and instruments into a centralized Hub, called the HIEv.

Project public information
• This was an open-source development, refer to
• Contact: Dr Gerry Devine at HIE,
• Contact: Peter Bugeia at Intersect,
• All relevant documentation is available on the github wiki, including Version documentation including a comprehensive user guide and release notes for the latest release.
• Anyone can browse the published HIEv collection metadata records on the Research Data Australia website
• Researchers can access HIEv research data by referring to the Access section of individual RDA collection records which are returned by the above search.
Anyone wishing to re-use the software or collaborate on the development of new HIEv features should contact Peter Bugeia at Intersect,

Data Type:

remote sensor data

High Level Software Functionality:

Software system to capture and manage data and meta-data from the Eddy Flux Tower, the Whole Tree Chamber and a Weather Station instrument;