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Programming language(s):

Coldfusion, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Project Members:

Kim Finney (Data Source Administrator,

Miles Jordan (Lead Developer,

Siddeswara Guru (Developer,

Pauline Mak (Developer,

Kim Finney (Data Source Administrator,

ANDS Contact:

Julia Martin (

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Publication of Data from National Research Vessels

University of Tasmania for Australian Ocean Data Network

Project Description

"Core data captured routinely from research vessels managed by CSIRO and AAD will be published in near real-time in a coordinated way that enables ready access to, and combination of the datasets via the Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN). These vessels are major national marine science facilities and are the source of a significant proportion of Australia?s in-situ blue water ocean research data. The AODN , when adequately populated, will be an online network of marine and coastal data resources, which will include data from the six AODC Joint Facility (AODC JF) partner agencies and other data providers, supported by standards-based metadata, and will serve data to support Australia's science, education, environmental management and policy needs: Australia's digital ocean commons. Publication via the AODN will provide the public with a simple access point for these core vessel-sourced data and ultimately other vessel datasets not currently routinely published. As well as being valuable data in their own right, the work associated with standardising/automating the publication of the routinely captured instrument data, could act as an exemplar for real-time data publishing in other domains. Vessel managers will also work with ANDS to automate the provision of researcher and project information to the ARDC, relating to use of the ships. It is anticipated that these high level metadata would flow to the Central ANDS repository along with the deep metadata, via the AODN. The AODN?s data turbine middleware will be harnessed to visualise the core instrument-sourced data.

Software used includes:
- Geoserver
- Geowebcache
- Apache Web Server
- Oracle
- PostgreSQL and PostGIS
- Geonetwork (AODN MEST)

Standards, specifications and programming languages include:
- Styled Layer Descriptor Implementation Specification
- Geographic Markup Language
- CF Standard Names
- Freemarker Template Language
- ANZLIC Profile of the ISO 19115 Metadata Standard for Geographic Information
- Open Archives Initiative Protocol
- Coldfusion 9
- Javascript/HTML/CSS
- OpenLayers
- Java"

High Level Software Functionality:

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