Project Members:

Philip Chung (Data Source Administrator,

ANDS Contact:

Julia Martin (

Project Status:


Increasing the availability and discoverability of Australasian legal research data


Project Description:

"This project (i) develops software to include in the ANDS discovery services information about the 300+ free access Australasian legal databases located on the Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII); and (ii) develops software and automation procedures which will be tested and used, during the project timeframe, to make at least 40 additional 'public data collections' that are important for legal research available (via AustLII) and more accessible to researchers, so
as to ensure greater use and re?use of these existing data resources.Outcomes will be greater awareness of accessible legal data, particularly in disciplines outside law, and improved research in a broad range of different research communities in Australia and overseas."

Data Type:

"Research data: legislation of all forms; Court and Tribunal decisions; treaties; official materials interpreting legislation; and reports proposing law reform Research output: Australasian online law journal articles and other forms of legal scholarship"

High Level Software Functionality:

Features: development of software to interrogate AustLII?s existing database structures and extract the necessary metadata from them, augmented with minimal editorial input. The metadata will be provided by AustLII (as a Data Provider) as an OAI?PMH (Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting) for ongoing harvesting by Service Providers like ANDS;


social sciences
safety sciences
medicine and any regulated professions