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Java, JavaScript

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Ingect: ANDS Metadata Store for VITAL/Fedora

University of Southern Queensland

Collaborator(s): University of Newcastle

Project Description

"The ReDBox and Mint system provide next-generation infrastructure for the curation and sharing of research data. ReDBox provides an easy-to-use data entry workflow that allows research data to be described and the metadata released to the Australian National Data Service?s Research Data Australia. The Mint provides name authority support to ReDBox and helps ensure that metadata is properly identified in a globally unique manner.

The ReDBox system can run as a stand-along metadata registry or along-side the VTLS Vital institutional repository. Furthermore, ReDBox?s template-based interface allows feeds to discovery services (such as VuFind, Primo and Summon) and various OAI-PMH aggregators.

ReDBox uses an instance of the Fedora-commons data store to store and disseminate metadata on research collections. Metadata is collected through a forms interface to the repository, and metadata already collected in the repository is repurposed for disseminating research data. The ""Mint"" provides infrastructure supporting controlled vocabularies used in research metadata, and treating them as Linked Data. The Mint allows validation of data entered by users in the forms interface, and is also how ReDBox deals with party and activity identifiers. The use of unique identifiers ensures data integrity for the records they identify. Manual entry of research metadata is supplemented by alerts issued by interfacing systems andmdash; including grants databases and disk storage. The metadata is internally stored using the VITRO ontology."

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