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Museums Metadata Exchange

Powerhouse Museum

Collaborator(s): CAMD, Museums Australia

Project Description

The primary aim of this project has been to establish and populate the
Museums Metadata Exchange (MME) with Collection Level Descriptions conforming to the RIF-CS schema for delivery into Research Data Australian (RDA). This includes the establishment of data capture processes, data standards and infrastructure amongst museum data partners in the project and the establishment of protocols to enable automated transfer of the collection descriptions into RDA.

The Exchange is hosted by the Powerhouse Museum (the primary lead institution), drawing on established infrastructure and in-house expertise in terminology development.

In March 2011, the MME received an Honourable Mention in the category of Research/Online Collection at the Best of the Web awards at Museums and the Web 2012 in San Diego, USA.

The following have been delivered through the project:

• The MME worked closely with the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) to ensure the party records added to the repository met the required metadata format. This is demonstrated by the successful harvest of data to the RDA. The MME contains over 40 parties in its repository.

• The MME worked with ANDS and museum contributors to establish standard specifications for collection description. Detailed guidelines were provided on the Museum Metadata Exchange Wordpress site. These are guidelines are still available to contributors.

• A detailed technical specification was provided by the Technical Advisory Committee. The specification was submitted to ANDS on 14 March 2011.

• The Museum Metadata Exchange repository has been in production since February 2011.

• Considerable development time was put into ensuring that the feed from the MME met the metadata standard required by ANDS. The MME successfully translates data added to the repository to a format which can be harvested by the RDA.

• The MME currently contains 1058 collections which have been successfully harvested by Research Data Australia. . This is well above the target of 700 collection descriptions.!/q=Museum%20Metadata%20Exchange/p=1/tab=collection

• Released tools to Museums: The Museum Metadata Exchange Wordpress site provides detailed guidelines on data standards and contribution methods to the MME.

The Powerhouse Museum’s Object name thesaurus has been added to the MME repository. The thesaurus is available and searchable to users who have data entry access to the repository. A screen shot of the thesaurus is shown below.

• KE Software have completed development of a module which exports collection level descriptions directly to the MME. Screen shots of the new module are attached to this report. The feed from the new module to the MME has been tested successfully in the development environment. The results can be viewed below.

Data Type:

Cultural and Historical Collections