Project Members:

Patrick Splawa-Neyman (Data Librarian,

Neil Dickson (Research Data Management Coordinator,

Anitha Kanna (EResearch Program Manager,

David Groenewegen (Director (Research),

ANDS Contact:

Mingfang Wu (

Project Status:


Monash Imaging Data Project (MIDP)

Monash University

Project Description

Monash manages a number of world leading imaging instruments (such as the Synchrotron and those housed at the MMI); data generated by these instruments are significant assets for Monash researchers and beyond. Monash has laid out a strategic vision to create an “Imaging Locus” that will combine and link a unique set of imaging instruments, openly available data, world leading capability in research data infrastructure and their world class research strength.

Through the ANDS funded MODC project, Monash has established initial collections of imaging data in a sustainable operational environment, developed guidelines to encourage researchers using Monash imaging facilities to make their imaging datasets publicly accessible (whenever possible), and integrated 21+ instruments across 4 platforms (MMI, BioEM, FlowCore, XMFIG) at Monash connected to Store.Monash, thus establishing a pipeline to sustainably generate public imaging collections.

Through the interaction with researchers when promoting open imaging data, it is recognised there are needs from researchers to link published data to publications and to the models and tools that generated, manipulated and analysed the data. This project will address the researchers’ need to enhance the above connections. The enhanced connections will also meet recent increased calls from the research and research management communities for research reproducibility. ANDS and Monash see this project as an opportunity to partner in support of greater visibility of data, and better connections between publications and data.

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