Project Members:

Daniel Ierodiaconou (Lead Researcher) (Project Director,

Alex Rattray (Project Manager,

Christopher McAvaney (E-Research Director,

Craig Anderson (University Librarian,

ANDS Contact:

Kathryn Unsworth (

Project Status:


Deakin University - Habitat distribution and ocean wealth in Victorian coastal waters

Deakin University

Project Description

The Centre for Integrative Ecology at Deakin University has a team of researchers that have been focussing on mapping marine habitats and the biodiversity they support for over a decade. The collection of data has been long standing, shared with state and Federal government agencies. More recently Deakin has generated the capacity as a data supplier with the development of their coastal research vessel Yolla with some of the most advanced seafloor mapping equipment in the Nation.

Data has been collected from around the Victorian coastline for a number of years as part of State and other mapping initiatives with the most comprehensive data coverage in Australian waters. This has included working closely with government agencies to repurpose existing data collections beyond their initial use.

One of the key benefits of this curated data is the specific nature of its metadata. All data are geo located and cross referenced against multiple sources from physical collections (i.e. Multibeam sonar, LIDAR, unmanned aerial vehicles) and ground observations (i.e. baited camera systems, diver surveys and physical surveys from grabs, commercial fishing techniques and genetic samples). The team have also developed a hierarchical classification scheme to preserve the integrity of the data and ensure a consistent approach in habitat reporting scalable in detail depending on the questions being asked.

The intention of the project is to collate and catalogue the variety of spatial data across the State describing benthic habitats, and make it discoverable via an institutional system so the information can be included for use in regional as well as National and Global scale assessments.

Data Type:

physical data (bathymetric) biological data (biotic)