Project Members:

Amanda Nixon (Project Manager,

Niranjan Bidargaddi (Lead Researcher,

Megan Winsall (Research Assistant,

Peter Musiat (Research Fellow,

ANDS Contact:

Kerry Levett (

Project Status:


From apps to lab: personal mental health datasets

Flinders University

Collaborator(s): SAHMRI, QIMR,, Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre

Project Description

This project will focus on making data arising from two areas of eHealth research by the Personal Health Informatics group accessible and reusable:

1) Assessing the longitudinal course of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD): A unique data set (encompassing genetics, real time monitoring, and health records) on patients with major depressive disorders from Australia (MDD). Real-time monitoring data will make it possible to measure behaviours and emotions of individuals suffering from major depressive disorders from their real environment, monitor symptoms over time, and contribute towards developing personalised treatments

2) How emerging online technologies can be better exploited to influence the health and wellbeing of young people: data collected from a large trial investigating whether using mobile apps improves the mental health of young people.

A web interface and API will be created to allow researchers to upload research data to a publicly accessible point, that allows other researchers to access and reuse it.

Data Type:

Health and activity data from apps and wearable devices