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Mary O'Connor (Project Manager,

Steve Tyerman (Lead Researcher,

Matt Gilliham (Lead Researcher,

Helen Attar (Research Librarian,

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Kerry Levett (

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CropTIPS (Crop Transport Information, Physiology and Signalling Database)

University of Adelaide

Collaborator(s): Centre of Excellence for Plant Energy Biology

Project Description

We developed a comprehensive knowledgebase (available via a Web portal) on crop membrane transport and signalling systems (Crop Transport information, Physiology and Signalling Database (CropTIPS) classified under each substrate or associated stress, including the gene families for, in the first instance, wheat, barley, rice and maize. Additionally, we connected the information available from physiology and biophysics that identified transport physiology before the transporter genes were identified. Such a system for crop plants will greatly facilitate hypothesis driven research and discovery of new transport systems.

This project builds on the partnership with UWA through the Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology, and links to the existing CropPAL database.

Data Type:

Crop transporter protein information