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Project Members:

Angelica Healey (Project Manager,

Prof. Chris Saint (Project Lead,

Prof. Chris Chow (Project Lead,

Ann Morgan (Library Liaison,

Glynn Stringer (Research Office Liaison,

Rupak Aryal (Project Officer,

Harry Jin (Project Officer,

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Kerry Levett (

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FLOWED (Free Library on Water & Environmental Data)

University of South Australia

Collaborator(s): SA Water

Project Description

As part of the ‘Free Library on Water and Environmental Data’ (FLOWED) project, UniSA will continue to build on its partnership between the Natural and Built Environments Research Centre (NBERC), SA Water and the Australian Water Quality Centre; and will collaborate with new partners the Goyder Institute for Water Research, Water Research Australia (WRA) and the Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) USA.

The FLOWED project:
* Enables the previously successful 'Free Library on Water' (FLOW) project to be expanded to further develop national and international focus;
* Creates a metadata framework to facilitate the description, catalogue, index, discoverability and reuse of inter-related water data from a broad range of resources;
* Provides both institutional and industry benefits by aggregating water data of high value, linking water quality data, sensor data and climate data and providing cross-connected data and metadata to inform long-term decision making; and
* Supports research and industry collaboration into sustainable use of water resources.

Data Type:

Water quality data, water treatment operational data (i.e. pump, other instruments), climate change data.