Project Members:

Prof Sheena Reilly (,

Dr Martin Connor (,

Veronica Lehndorf (Project Manager,

ANDS Contact:

Andrew White (

Project Status:


A Data Collection for Health, Innovation & Engagement (HiVE) in Research

Griffith University

Project Description

HiVE is a partnership to establish a repository of data collected through the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct; Gold Coast University Hospital and the Griffith Health Centre. Each of these services provides health care to the residents of the Gold Coast entailing points of contact which could be captured through HiVE and utilised to establish new areas of research or enhance existing data sets across clinical research platforms.

This project involves linkages with data services that are already in existence and safely linking and integrating data into a larger collection from a range of sources across the Gold Coast region to invest, enable and sustain health research at Griffith University

The project will be developed in three phases, which will run over an extended three year period. The initial establishment phase will comprise the ANDS Project with the focus on developing the consent Model, Setting up the Data Governance Framework and Designing the technical interface.